November 30, 2006

The little girl within..........

Do you ever see something that brings back so many wonderful memories of your childhood?

This little Holly Hobbie plate is one of my 'little girl' finds - it only cost $1.00 at a local flea market. I love it!
As a child, I had a Holly Hobbie sewing machine that my sister and I shared, making dresses for our dolls.

Another great find that I found in Cyprus recently was this book. As young girls, my parents enrolled my sister and I in Greek school which meant 2 evening classes per week - we attended for 6years and we both hated it!! Im very thankful now of course as Im bilingual which is great and I always talk to my own boys in Greek in hope that they pick the language up too.
This book was issued to us in Year 1 and when I saw it recently, I had to have it! Its a brand new book and still published after so many years so I guess it must mean a lot to others too. Such sweet illustrations, so many Greek school memories.....

The other day I was cleaning our spare room and came across my penpal box. As a young girl I loved having penpals, we'd write on pretty letter sets, exchange clippings of Duran Duran, Culture club, stickers and cute stationery and write about life, boys, music and fashion! So much fun!
Some of the letters in my box are close to 25years old and Im so glad Ive kept them all these years. Letters from Gail in Scotland, Valerie in France, Soo in Singapore and Sally in first long distance friends. I still keep in touch with Sally my english penpal after all these years.

Illustration Friday - Invention

Where would the men of the world be without the barbeque?? or the good 'ole barbie as us aussies call it....we use ours often especially in Summer and its the only time my man is keen to cook!

EDM Challenge 94 - Draw a spoon

This spoon is not part of a set and its one we never use, its teeny tiny but still sweet so Ive kept it all these years....

November 29, 2006

A Letter to Santa....

I heard about this yesterday so thought it would be nice to share incase there are other Australian families who believe in Santa too!

For every correctly addressed letter with a 50cent stamp on it that is sent to Santa, Australia Post will donate to the Smith Family's Learning for Life Program which gives disadvantaged children access to education support.

Children need to write their name and address on the back of the envelope so Santa can write back . Send to:-


North Pole 9999

Be sure to write early so Santa has time to reply........

November 27, 2006

Home stretch.......

The calendar pages are almost done!!
Lucky we have leftovers for dinner tonight as Ive been busy with the calendar pages all day and most probably all night too.... I always leave things to the last minute thinking I have oodles of time.....

I keep looking at them wanting to add a little something more.... I dont know what....... Im scared to overdo it and ruin them haha
Oh well, I did stick to my original colour scheme and I tried to get a few textures in there....Im pretty happy with them!

Cake with your coffee??

Anyone want to join me for an afternoon treat?? we're still eating leftover cake from Peter's party!!
I was thrilled how the cake turned out, I can never trust my oven but this turned out brilliantly and the nutella ganache icing was divine!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Peter had a brilliant day!!!

November 25, 2006

Happy 4th Birthday Peter!

Have a super dooper day my darling boy!

We are off to Club Kids this morning with 15 little friends and then Peter gets another birthday party tonight with his grandparents and cousins! Lucky boy!

November 24, 2006

Squeaky Clean........

Ive got a huge list of what I need to do today - lots of washing, dusting and the boring things that we all put off but need to be done!

My inlaws have just come by to pick up the boys which is super sweet as that means I can put my Stevie Wonder greatest hits CD on (very loud) and grab my cleaning basket . Nothing to disturb me....I guess that means the computer needs to be switched off too....

Oh just had to show you these cute Koala biscuits I found at the supermarket recently - each Koala is different and they are full of strawberry or chocolate goo - my boys love do I!!

EDM Challenge 93 - Draw a carton of Eggs

I did this last night - a quick sketch with Uni-ball signo black pen

I love drawing in black pen, i tend to do it fast and loose compared to granite pencils, where I take my time and try to be more realistic...

November 22, 2006

A Date with the Lord………

As a huge Harry Potter fan I was devasted to see the handsome Ralph Fiennes cast as evil Lord Voldemort but he did such a great job as the Dark Lord I forgave them for it…he will be back in the next Harry Potter film released at the end of the year!
Cant wait!!!

Im a huge Ralph Fiennes fan and am smitten by his good looks, fabulous accent and his fine acting so when I found out he is performing in a play, ‘First Love’ right here as part of the Sydney Festival, I was squealing with excitement!!
I scored two great tickets for January 21st!! Eeekkk how exciting!
I don’t know anything about the play or the novel that it was adapted from, but who cares?? Ralph Fiennes will be on stage!

There is something very appealing about British Actors ….Im sure it’s the accent that gets me everytime ….they have this boyish charm, an obscure handsome look with a nervousnous about them and no six-pack in sight! Colin Firth, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, Alan Rickman and gosh even Hugh Grant …the list goes on and on….swoon swoon....

November 21, 2006

Illustration Friday - Thanksgiving

Quick Look away!!!

Dick and Jan were thankful to be spending Thanksgiving down at the farm and not at the table.

We dont celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but it sure looks like a great celebration with lots of yummy food!

November 20, 2006

Glimpse of Summer.....

Its hot today!!
Im so happy I dont work on Mondays as Ive just wanted to lounge around at home today and just chill and hangout with my boys.

I cut some of my hydrangeas from my garden this morning - they are such old fashioned flowers but so pretty arent they?

Peter has been bare foot all day.......

I got a moment to myself after lunch and flicked through the new Donna Hay magazine, I loved the two images below. Summer always reminds me of hot nights and fragrant flowers
and who doesnt love a cold punch on a hot day?

Pimms & Apple Punch
700ml Pimms
4 litres apple juice
1 cup mint leaves
1 cucumber thinly sliced
1 lemon thinly sliced
2 red apples, cored and thinly sliced
6 cups crushed ice

November 17, 2006

WIP Friday
Im still working on the calendar but we wont talk about that...seems like its never ending process haha almost there...

I took out lots of paper and craft supplies today and it amazing what you forget you have. I need to make a handmade card and ornament for the Fairies Parcel exchange
I think ive got some idea of what I want to make for my swap partner Daisy Lupin

Ive also started crocheting some flowers to make headbands for some special little girls for Christmas gifts. Speaking of Crocheting, the lovely Monica sent me a great pattern for a scarf she made which you can see here and thanks for the ball of cotton Monica!!!
Im also doing this redwork picture for my niece who turns 6 in December. The pattern is from a book I had at home, 'Sewing Vintage Style'. I love redwork!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

November 16, 2006

EDM Challenge 92 - draw a brown paper bag

Growing up I loved watching the American TV show ‘ The Brady Bunch’. I was so in love with that family, their house, the pink girly bedroom the girls shared and of course Alice in the kitchen – I loved how she’d unpack the groceries from the huge brown paper bags.

It was so cool to me as we always had plastic bags at our supermarkets which didn’t have the same appeal as those huge thick brown bags. I guess my love of paper started early huh?
More and more people in Australia are now using re-usable shopping bags which is great for the environment..

November 15, 2006

December 5th.....

Okay its marked in my diary...Ive done it! made an appointment with an Orthodontist that is. ... Am I mad (no!), crazy (maybe?), Vain (never!!)

The past year I havent been feeling too good about my bottom teeth and its not like Im paranoid or cant stand to smile or talk but I just dont like the overcrowding - everything is looking wonky and squashed. One tooth has managed to lift up higher than the other - just like at a rock concert in the mosh pit! haha...

Anyway its a huge two year commitment and a lot of money. Gosh why didnt I need them as a teen when my parents would have paid?? haha

I think Im ready...gulp... do 35 year olds (okay almost 36 ) get called metal mouth? Ive heard some horror stories that its very very painful...will I dribble when I eat or will I have to brush my teeth 10 times a day, can I still make out (with my husband of course!).......

Illustration Friday - Clear

After heavy rain, clear skies will come again........

November 13, 2006

EDM Challenge 91 - Draw an Apple

Here is my apple. I do most of my drawing at night and so the lighting is not ideal but these are the shadows I get from the spotlights in the family room.

I always leave the fruit stickers on as the boys love to take them off and stick them on their hands.

November 10, 2006

WIP Friday.......

Im still working on my Calendar, I will make the deadline I will I will...I have to!!

Some warm Cappucino cupcakes might help me along. Peter and I made these this morning - delicious!!

here is the recipe
125 grams SelfRaising Flour
125 grams soft Butter
125 grams caster sugar
2 large eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 heaped Tablespoon instant expresso/coffee
2-3 Tablespoons milk

mix all together. spoon into cupcake papers and bake in moderate oven for 20mins.

Have a FAB weekend everyone!

Illustration friday - Smoke

Oh no! Her guests were almost due to arrive and look at the roast!

This would never happen to Nigella.....

November 8, 2006

Enough, Already!

You can tell he was sick of me taking photos all day long....

anyway my photos of our Trip are now in my flickr account!

have a look if you like

Click HERE and enjoy!!

November 6, 2006

The Elephants have arrived.....

We went to Taronga Zoo on Sunday and were really excited that the Thai Elephants had arrived after a two year wait as well as lots of protests!

It was raining most of the day but we stuck it out and can you believe I completely forgot to take a picture of the Elephants!!
I guess with the rain and the crowds I just forgot! They were wonderful playing in the water and having fun! Im sure they love their new 14million dollar home that was built just for them!
I did however take a picture of the giraffes, my favourite animal ever!
Here is Neo stroking a blue tongue lizard - so cute! Peter ran a mile away....and I just had to show you the amazing view of our gorgeous city of Sydney and its stunning harbour....don't the mountain goats have a pleasant sight everyday?

Cut + Paste

I spent all day Saturday at the Sydney Papercraft festival. It was all the way out at Penrith and it took me 40minutes to drive there but I had a wonderful time and I had booked in to do 3 workshops.

I dont do a lot of scrapbooking because I just dont have the time or the patience really but I love love all the paper products out there - beautiful stuff!
I did the 'Fast and Furious' layout with the funky
Zina Wright , the two layouts of Me below and I also did her class on 'the little book of Love' (left) which I will update to show you once I add my photos and embellishments.

I made a sweet box in Kerrin Quall's 'Boxed In' class and we got loads of paper and ribbons to make some cards to add in the box. I think it would make a great box for chocolates or tags and would be a cute gift dont you think? Kerrin said she will be adding the template to her blog later on in the week if anyone is interested.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest Grandmama.....

We love you so so very much!

Two weeks ago I said goodbye to my grandmother at Larnaca airport with lots of tears in my eyes and a heavy sad heart. When will I see her again? I miss her so much already. ...

This is my grandparents on their wedding day almost 56years ago! she is actually 6months pregnant with my Uncle Gregory. She is wife to 1, Mother to 5, Grandmother to 16 and Great grandmother to 9!

November 3, 2006

WIP Friday

Im busy working on the pages for the Design a Calendar swap which Marianne and Paula are hosting.

The calendar( below left) is from a Japanese craft book that inspired Marianne and what promted 14 of us to sign up for this fab swap! Im thrilled to be part of it!
I have a wonderful month to create December 2007. I keep going back to this picture as I want it to be simple and beautiful so no Santa Claus in sight on my pages - is that awful?? nahhhh dont think so...

The below calendar is by D-Bros, a Japanese graphic studio. I love it!

Hickory Dickory Dock.....

Isn't this mouse print dress designed by Jill Stuart, extra sweet!

Would you be chased by cats down the street if you wore it?

November 1, 2006

Do you ever sit and ponder about how some things need changing?
Lately its all Ive been doing....oh nothing serious…..Ive just been thinking that I need a new hairstyle and that our walls could do with a new shade of paint ….maybe a new rug in the family room….or a new bedspread perhaps?
Im sure its because Ive just come back from a long trip as I always seem to get like this after been away….but its all good - change is good! I always have this burst of energy , a craving for freshness, a desire for something new and I just want to plan, make lists that I can tick off as I go along. ...maybe its because Summer is in the air or that Christmas is around the corner, that's always a great feeling isnt it?!

During my trip I got regular pedicures and it felt so nice to have pretty little toes on display and I thought why don’t I do this at home, is it really that much of an effort , dont I deserve to always have pretty feet?
I’m also keen for a new hair style, I just feel ready for a new look, do you ever get like that?
Who wants to stay stuck in a rut?

Look what I picked up at the supermarket in Cyprus.
Two of my favourite mags ' Lucky ' and ' Domino ' published in Greek! How cool that they have their own version of these inspiring mags! Im glad I can read Greek otherwise anyone would think Id have a serious magazine addiction.
The layout and content is very similar to their USA sister mags but itsgreat to peek inside some Greek homes and I love the edgy and unique fashion looks, its such a change from the Eurochic look so popular over there - every second girl was sporting 'Just Cavalli' Jeans, it was starting to look like a uniform!
Have a great day!!
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