June 29, 2008

This is...my favourite Op-shop find....

Im still recovering from yesterday's party...but a great topic this week, thanks to
Lino Forest

if I had to choose just one it would be baby girl...
i found her at a flea market one sunny morning,

she's a good baby and is very photogenic dont you think?
she has a sister too

but little sister was sent to live with Miss Vanessa (the hostess with the mostess)
we miss her but she's been well looked after!

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June 28, 2008

Its Party Time!!
ive been to quite a few virtual blogging parties - like Risa's Tea Party
and the Grand Bloglandia ball ,
us bloggers cant get enough tea with the
You're my cuppa Tea party,
and who could forget Natasha's
Vintage Prom Party
So much fun!!!

and now the divine

Miss Vanessa is hosting a 'Mad Tea Party (of the Costume variety)'

Vanessa's blog is always full of creative fun and adventures - it seems like there's always a party happening at her place, but this should be a great day in bloggy land!!!
so i drew a little picture for you - a vintage millinery head piece to add some pretty romance to any outfit
and some small party treats?? yes, please!!!

Our twins are the perfect guests and cant wait to eat some party cake!
our friend the showgirl is itching to dance

oh there is tin soldier, Im sure he'll give her a twirl!
sugar plum fairy is as sweet as can be! so jump on over to
Miss Vanessa's party and join in on the celebrations!

* Top illustration by me
* Twin image from UK Vogue
* Show girl from Italia Vogue
*Tin Soldier & Sugar Plum Fairy by Tim Walker

June 26, 2008

Illustration Friday - Hoard

Her collection is growing huh?

...Nah, she's just a hoarder!

hehee sometimes it feels like that dont you think?

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June 24, 2008

Ticking off the 'To do' list

Houses are finished and on their way...its Tuesday here but still Monday in the USA so I met the deadline haha...lets hope Australia Post deliver them safely and on time!

both my boys are sick with the flu so we've all had very little sleep in our household...its hard hearing them cough all night long and not being able to do much!
I couldnt even have the day off to look after them as work is extra busy this time of the year...thank goodness for their grandmothers, what would I do without the extra support!

June 22, 2008

this is... my most favourite outfit that expresses my individual style

Thanks to Kittyskaboodle for this week's topic!
my style is quite plain (my hubby says its 'safe') and most days you'll find me in jeans, a fitted knit and flats but i do love dresses
and this one is my favourite!

its vintage Anna Sui found on Ebay - a total bargain at just $38!! can you believe it? its silk and has cute floral buttons as well as
ribbon trim on the waist and sleeves.
i first wore it to my dad's 60th birthday party late last year and I usually team it with my coral belt, a Kmart special...im a bargain hound!
I have worn it so many times since....in Winter i wear it with boots and a trench coat and in summer with ballet flats...

but i do love my jeans and flats too....i always go back...

June 21, 2008

How to build a house....

frantically trying to finish my itty bitty (teeny tiny 4inch) houses for a swap ...30 all up!!

we could have made one then printed the rest but no, no i had to do it the hard way and make 30 individual ones....ughhh! i need to have them ready and in the mail Monday....wish me luck!!!
i always leave things to the last minute!

June 19, 2008

Style Stalker....
i adore fashion!
i must admit I dont experiment with clothes that much but
I do love observing people and how they put their outfits together
...guess thats why I love Style blogs like
The Sartorialist
and french blog
Garace dore


this French mademoiselle,
Betty sure knows how to style it (...she aint no ugly betty y'know)
another favourite is
from Thailand - very inspiring!

Here is my illustration for this week's fashionable challenge
the topic this week was 'To the Club'....I made my girl go to her book club of course!
* Top illustrations by me too*

June 17, 2008

this and that....
Nothing much to post about lately.....its been very cold in Sydney, warm tea anyone?

My friend Tammy left on Saturday, she had a great time and even got to visit Cairns (I havnt even been there yet... )
...we had such a fun time with her here & we chit chatted over way too many coffees and chocolate!
Friday night was a late night out ...i havnt been
out on the town so often in such a long time, we even went to see 'Phantom of the Opera' which was lovely!

sometimes its easy to get holed up at home and you forget there is a whole world out there partying & socialising ...im such a homebody though...but it was fun to make the effort & to dress up!!

ive been busy trying to finish THIS
swap...i got a lot of it done last night and plan to craft more tonight... Hmmm what else??...
I need to do my contribution page for
Fantazya's 2009 Diary - anyone with a blog or Etsy shop can contribute...worth doing, still lots of dates available - check it out!

On the music front Ive been bopping along to Miley Cyrus' latest song...the kid is only 15! haha... and a huge Disney star but music is music...its quite a catchy song and I like it!
Im also currently enjoying 'Big Love' a series based on Polygamy...i suprise myself sometimes and even more so as I sympathise and feel for this large family.....and
Chloe Sevingy is stylish even in prairie outfits!

I'll leave you with a wonderful photo by Simply Photo
that makes me dream of chirping birds and sunny weather to warm the bones!

* top image via Pillpat (on Flickr)

June 15, 2008

This is ... the space in which I create

i have a spare room which is where I keep my craft supplies but because i usually craft late at night after my boys go to bed I sit in the corner of our family room so I can chat to my husband and watch TV too....
i try to tidy up before I go to bed but I usually leave little piles of paper, magazines and ephemera everywhere....lots of glue sticks too!!

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June 13, 2008

a bittersweet return....

Yesterday i baked some date & banana bread in preparation for my parents early flight arrival from Cyprus - the 3 months they've been away has been life as normal for us and I must admit although Ive missed them, the months sure went by fast...

i knew it would be hard for them to return especially for my mother as the main reason she was there was to spend time with her own mother who sadly has alzeihmers....my grandmother is still in early stages and Im thankful she can still recognise my voice when i call her every week (... I dont want to think about the time when she wont...) she still makes me laugh and I miss her so much!

so over our hot coffee and banana loaf we talked and caught up, shed some tears and lots of concern ...
my grandparents still have each other but his failing eyesight and her loss of memory will just get worse and their denial and refusal of outside help is worrying...what will happen to them?
What made my mother more upset was the whining from our relatives over there....
Im sure they care for my grandparents and mean no harm but they sure have let us know of how time poor they are and how obligated they feel... I wonder, is it really that hard to take time out in one's day to visit someone in need...to ask them how they are, if they need a hand...to give them a hug and let them know there is someone there that cares? I dont think it is... sigh...im just a little sad right now...off to have some more banana loaf...

*My grandparents, Evridiki and Kosta on their wedding day

June 12, 2008

That Flickr game....
i spotted this fun meme at Katie Crackernuts and then on Little Snoring's blog and there's even a
flickr group to share your result!!

so this is how you play
create a mosaic after doing searches on the following.....

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name.

to see the picture details from my mosaic click here

June 9, 2008

a little sunshine on a rainy day....
With only one sunny day the past wet & gray week, it was a mad rush hanging out laundry, mopping the floors and trying to fit in some outdoor fun for the boys....we've been indoors for a while now...its been nice and relaxing but how many cups of tea & muffins can you have?

It was great having the extra day off yesterday though. ..my friend Patricia and I went to see 'Sex & the City' - we both loved it and everyone in the theatre clapped with joy at the end!!! it was so nice to see the girls again ...ive missed them!!!! I shouldnt have worn mascara though because i cried and cried some more...sad tears...happy tears, my face was a mess! ha!

I was also jumping with joy when a little parcel arrived on my doorstep...my blogging friend Veronica sent me some FAB magazines!
a while ago we both did a month of daily blog posts with inspiring images from our piles (and piles) of magazine clippings - that was so much fun so recently we swapped magazines...I sent her Real Living and Donna Hay mags, both are favourites of mine!
i do love american interior magazines though ...the style is so fresh & homely with lovely cosy details!!
look at the cute pillows here!! adorable!

Veronica also sent this gorgeous hand embroidered tag that she made - the girl is so inspiring to me and she creates such beautiful things....and look at the vintage embroidered bird postcard she also included, what a treasure ...its so beautiful!
thanks so much Veronica!!

and lastly a peek at a cute vintage 50's children book I bought at Paddington Markets - how darling are the illustrations...so simple but really really sweet!
here's to a great start of the week for us all....

June 8, 2008

This is ...my favourite travel memory...

this weeks topic by Hila is a good one but with so many wonderful travel memories over the years...how do you choose just one!?

for me its all about experiencing new things...new food, new destinations, seeking the history and just taking time out to observe the feel of a city or town, the architecture, getting lost in the back streets, talking to the locals ....sitting down with a good coffee or local drink and just people watching...I love doing that!
Photo 1 -a frappe and Calsburg please Cyprus (2006)
2. Lombard St, San Francisco (2000)
3. Ponte Alexandre III, Paris (2001)
4. Kolossi Castle - Limassol, Cyprus (1995)

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June 6, 2008

Sewing Girls (and boys) range....
a while ago I made some paper goods for the gorgeous website Lily and Agathe...they are now up on the site for sale - have a look!!
Tanya has sourced beautiful vintage inspired goodies for her online shop and a big thanks to Alison for the introduction!

Ive made some tags - perfect for all the ongoing childrens parties we all get invited to...this is how I present them....by using brown paper you can save on expensive wrapping paper t
his way too!
and some excercise books for both boys and girls....

i also made some mini journals for all the girly girl secrets and little notes....these are embellished with ribbons and ric rac bookmarks...i used a mix of pretty papers as you can see from the photo of their backs!

Soon I will be sending another consignment order down to Pip's at Meet Me at Mikes and if I get my act together I plan to open an etsy store too - the banner is up but no stock yet...baby steps huh?...

June 5, 2008

Catching up on some drawings challenges....

this week's Illustration Friday topic is 'Baby'

those chubby baby knees...so adorable! (why cant adult chubby knees be just as cute?!)
Sometimes I think id love to try for a baby girl just so I can buy her cute little outfits!

and i finally got round to doing my illustration for a
'Fashionable Challenge' - the theme this week was 'Modern Romantic'
ive also added Week 16 - Extravagent.....
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