June 14, 2006

Black/Gray Wednesday

I love gray teamed with black. This is one of my favourite cardigans - its soft and warm and the elbows have tweed patches.

I think smoky lined eyes look cool too - lots of gray eyeshadow, black liner and mascara. Edgy chic!


  1. I love your blog too, thanks for being patient with mine. I'm having to paint rather than draw at the moment... exhibition looming, doesn't matter how small it is, it's a big stress.

    Yes, I love your blog, especially today as it reminds me to be a little more carefree. Thanks!

  2. I nearly did the make-up shot, but then I saw the knives ....

  3. Jo - heheeeI wanted to take a shot of my hubby's amazing salt/pepper hair but he's away for work!
    I need to learn how to use my camera better - my shots are weird

  4. Hi. Thanks for you nice compliments on my work. It really is wonderful to make connections all over the world with art. This blogging thing is great for that reason alone. I live in the midwest...Iowa. I think we share a sartorial friend in NYC.

    I am not a full time artist, but a business owner developing travel apparel. I commented on this post because of the sweater, I have a fave cardigan too. Keep up the good work, I will visit often!


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