June 15, 2006

Blue Thursday

I spotted this bright blue flame last night when I went to roast a marshamallow over the stove - a open fireplace would be nice because its been freezing lately but our chimney is closed.

This sweet habit started when i was pregnant with Neo and I love a warm sticky vanilla marshmallow (no fat but yep loads of sugar) especially late at night just before bed.
The flame was really bright and I love how it looks like it has blue neon light running through it.


  1. Hmmmm...toasted marshmellows! We have been having hot chocolates when Beth comes home from school with marshmellows on top. All gooey and sticky. What a brilliant idea for Blue. I like it.

  2. amazing how the flame would normally be just there...but now that blue is on our minds.....it becomes this wonderful hue. great photo.

  3. great photograph of something that I see everyday and have never thought of it the way you saw it :D very nice.

  4. very clever pic. I never would have thought of the blue flame. Loving your pics this week, you have a great eye.

  5. Great photo! Georgeous color and composition. I'd forgotten all about toasted marshmallows...yum! One of the nice things about having little ones is getting to enjoy the pleasures of childhood all over again! I miss that...my babies are big men now.


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