February 1, 2007

Illustration Friday - RED

A quick and simple entry this week....great topic but I was stuck! Every little girl loves a red party dress though.....

I had to add two favourite RED images. One of my favourite cookbooks 'Apples For Jam' by Tessa Kiros
Love the little girl shoes on the cover! The book is divided into colours so the Red section has lots of recipes with tomatoes and berries

Ive had this clipping for over 10years - I think its great! Love her strong look as for the guy, pleasure or pain?


  1. Very neat post for the color red! You always do little ones so well.

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Oh, that little girl is the sweetest in her party dress! Love those red shoes on the cookbook - what a great cookbook name too!!

  3. So cute! I too always wanted a red dress (and still do!). I love the cookbook fashion clipping images too!

  4. cute illustration! and those shoes in the cover...beautiful.
    i think he is in pain.

  5. i still go for red :D nice ilo

  6. Anonymous3:02 AM

    red seems to be a real trend lately. it keeps popping up everywhere! i love your drawing.

  7. Anonymous12:10 PM

    She is biting him so easily. As if she has done this many many times before.

  8. Anonymous7:05 PM

    I've been meaning to buy that cookbook for soooo long now, its getting ridiculous... i'm so behind the times! You have just reminded me so my goal is to have it by the end of the month! Just to look at the cover - how divine. Renee

  9. Red is my absolute favorite color,love the baloon . A ballon should never be another color,although my 3 year old would disagree,she wishes only for pink baloons.


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