February 4, 2007

Long Summer Days and Nights..........

Lots of people have been blogging how they are over Winter and that the cold months are getting very miserable but Im going to rub it in and say
Im still loving our warm balmy nights and the long hot days in this sunny part of the world.

On Friday night I went out for my friend Daphne’s Bachelorette party – we call it a Hens night here in Australia… It was a typical summer night in Sydney with people finishing work for the week so lots of happy smiley faces walking and dining outdoors, music in the air, a promising evening.
We started the evening at a Restaurant called ‘Chinta Ria, the Temple of Love’ and then continued downstairs at the Pontoon Bar where the people were probably half my age haha!
We danced, had lots of champagne and even played a few dares (mine was to do some John Travolta moves on the dance floor – easy!!) …Daphne and Neil have been together for 10years and Neil proposed during their European holiday last year awwww how romantic! The wedding is next Sunday, I can’t wait!!! Love is in the air!

Saturday morning was hard as Andrew went off to golf and the boys woke me up very very early
7.30am is good time …6.00am isn’t!
Boy did they test my patience, I guess I was tired from a fun (but rare) night out but Saturday was a scorcher, so so hot!! being outdoors during the day was not a good idea and the boys got very bored stuck inside ….I hate them watching too much TV but in the end The Disney channel was my saviour as I managed to do some washing and housework as well...I love slipping into clean cool bed sheets don’t you???

Peter wanted to make cupcakes but I wasn’t too keen as I end up eating most of them – they are so small that it makes me believe ‘Ohhh one wont hurt’…. so we baked bread instead. He helped me knead the dough and I made the dough using milk instead of water. Delicious!
I ended up having a few slices with lashings of butter and sweet jam.
Baking bread reminds me so much of my grandfather Kosta...I miss him so as he lives in Cyprus now but we talk every week.... Every Thursday he’d wake up at dawn to bake his bread. He’d make about 5 big round loafs and keep extra dough for homemade Pizza. Sometimes my grandmother would make a spicy mince sauce as a topping for Lachmajou.

Tessa Kiros has the recipe for this in her ‘Falling Cloudberries’ cook book as does Nigella in her Domestic Goddess’ book! Yum!!!

Once Neo was asleep, Peter and I crafted together – he made his first Valentine’s Day card (pic below) and I made one too.....He’ll send his to Gemma and Isabella, my friend Cynthia’s 3 yr old twin girls. I think they'll be happy to receive it! Never too early to teach my boys to be gentlemen huh?

My mum came to visit in the afternoon and we had a coffee and chat. She gave me a Pedicure voucher – Thanks mum, but what are you trying to say?? Hmmm....???

My solution to ugly toes – ballet flats!! I bought these in Cyprus last September for 5 pounds – what a deal!! Super soft leather…so comfy!!


  1. i know what you mean about the weather and hot summers...but i HATE the grey and cold of winter..spring is the best time!!!!
    Love Peters valentine card - so sweet..:)

    and 6.00 is unbearable!!!!

  2. such a cute valentine! i got some papers to do valentines last week and i am very excited... haven't made them in years.
    ohhh and i'm getting envious of your long sunny days and warmth... i'm so ready for spring, or at least a little cold sunshine!

  3. what fun! - I think that I'll get Boone going on his Valentines - no doubt that there are 20 or so for his classmates in our near future! - xox - eb.

  4. Great valentines! Love the flats ,what a delish color!

  5. I so enjoyed reading about your Saturday. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me!
    Love the shoes, love the bread (any chance of the recipe??), and your boys are such cuties that I always smile reading about them. What darling Valentine cards you both made, Peter did such a good job! A charming little boy :)

  6. Anonymous11:47 PM

    That loaf of home baked bread looks delicious. Why, I'd eat the whole loaf if I could!
    see you, grache

  7. Anonymous5:55 AM

    ohhhh that bread looks yummy!!!! with my oven on the fritz, i can't make my amish bread :( and the valentine cards are just precious precious!!!!!! and hey you got summer! it was negative 10 degrees here today!

  8. bread looks yummy and the valentines are sweet! Love the ballet slippers. I don't like my toes either!

  9. i absolutely love those flats! peter is an artist, love his card and love yours too.
    enjoy the nice weather! {i still feel weird when it's january and cold}.


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