March 30, 2007

Illustration Friday - I Spy

The obvious....'I spy with my little eyes' was something my sister and I always played during road trips. My boys are still way too young for this game but they are pretty observant.

I also thought of my grandmother because when they were living in Australia they lived in the inner city and in a beautiful Victorian house adjacent to an old corner pub. Back then it was way before the police got tough on drink driving laws so most Friday nights my granny would spy through her curtains if there was comotion spilling out of the pub....sometimes drunks would stubble across the street and steal fruit from her front garden!


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I was just playing catch-up to my wonderful Anastasia and her lovely blog! I have been so busy, but I had to swing in!! Hi my precious greek girl! Moromou! I love, "I spy with my little eye!!" I spy, tons of wonderful black and white below, and tasty spicy thai on rainy days.......xxo,Vanessa

  2. you captured that in the backseat moment...

  3. Anonymous9:59 PM

    I loved 'I spy', my sister and i spent many hours playing it too. Mum and Dad must have loved it!

  4. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I love your illustration today, it's so cute and so much detail! Thank you for your lovely grandma story.

  5. So cute and so familiar!

  6. we played this game too...could be my brother and i in that back seat (minus the safety belts though!-how times have changed :))

  7. Anonymous5:05 AM

    oh, i have dreams of living in a little old victorian and watching my neighbors through the windows...

  8. We didn't have seat belts either - now, when I get on my bike, I think - what about my seatbelt and then realise i have to ride without one! :)

  9. what a great story of your grandmother, peering out to keep the garden safe! and a wonderful illustration!


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