March 29, 2007

Its all Black and White.......

Gosh its Thursday already!
Ive just finished some Black & White ATCs for a swap

This one ive named 'A Virus called Love'

The one below is ' Im seeing spots'....(well if you slowed down with the booze lady you'd be fine!!) Im like that these days, a glass of wine is enough to make me giddy....

This one is 'Surrender to the Music'

and this one 'Yeah Whatever!'....I dont even know if you're meant to name ATCs but its fun anyway.

A few months back there seemed to be Black & White goods in most of the home decor shops....plates, frames, vases...its quite dramatic isnt it? I love toile fabric but prefer Black/cream or red/cream toile is beautiful too!
Another thing I love is silhouette drawings - this one below is from a children's book 'The Kingdom under the sea' by Joan Aiken (1970) and illustrated by Jan Peinkowski.


  1. I like these both for their composition and the black and white theme. What does ATC stand for?

  2. I love the love print. I wish I could pull off wearing a polka dot scarf around my head. I think I would just look crazy...wait, I don't need a polka dot scarf to look crazy, I do a fine job looking crazy without a scarf! Very lovely room decor, I wish I could have a room like that, but it would have dog hair ALL OVER it, and that's gross!

  3. loving these black and white ATCs, anastasia... such a nice crisp look but also romantic in these prints. and i am like you... i have become such a homebody that one glass of wine and i am rosy-cheeked and loose lipped!

  4. Beautiful ATC's .I love silouhuettes too,and that Arne Jacobson chair!!!

  5. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Love your ATCs especially the first two. Great b&w collection and gorgeous silhouette.

  6. The illustration from the book looks really scarry with that hook hanging ! Black and white always looks good and striking in the shops, but I don't think I could live with it in my home.

  7. Anonymous3:54 PM

    these are all gorgeous!

  8. ooooo. wonderful!! each and every one.

  9. Anonymous9:16 AM

    wonderful ATC's and I love that you give them names...

  10. Anonymous3:23 AM

    oh these ATCs in Black and white look great!!!!! And i love all sihouettes :)
    Hope youre having a good weekend!!

  11. Very stylish b&w atc's. The second one is cute and it made me smile :)

  12. i love the atc's and their names! and that illustration looks beautiful.

  13. Anonymous11:40 AM

    What great work!


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