April 8, 2007

And so we baked then ate and ate some more.....
Here I am uploading my pictures relaxing after a long day, drinking some fizzy sprite to aid the indigestion....we ate so much food these past two days!!! dont even get me started on the amount of chocolate Ive scoffed....
It doesnt end there! tommorow we are off to the Sydney Royal Easter show and the food there is SO bad its good - fried cheese on a stick, dagwood dogs, hot chips with gravy, candy floss...they are going to have to roll me out of there!
On Friday we spent 5hrs baking Easter Flaounes, which are cheesy Cypriot Easter pies...I only eat these when they are warm straight out of the oven - the cheese filing oozes and they are so moorish. We made about 100 of them! crazy I know but its only once a year so thats cool!
We had so many chocolate eggs but hey we still needed a cake to serve once Easter lunch was over - we cant have coffee on its own now can we?? never!
Orange & Poppyseed cake with frosting.
What was left of the dyed eggs after we started cracking them.
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!!


  1. It all looks so delish! I love seeing all the differences in our countries. For instances, our egg dyes are so much lighter. I wonder if you bought yours in a kit like we do. Happy Easter.

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Yum, Yum and Yum! Happy Easter!

  3. oh those pies... sounds heavenly! happy easter anastasia! xo

  4. Anonymous12:29 AM

    MMmm the Easter Flaounes look delicious, and you made 100 of them, wow! The Sydney Royal Easter show looks fun too, enjoy yourself!

  5. Your pies are making my mouth water!!
    Happy Easter!!

  6. Oooooh! Those pies look delicious ... I have a sweet tooth but I'm much more into savoury things. Yummy!
    Recipe please (if it doesn't have meat) :)

  7. Anonymous6:09 PM

    those cheese pies sound delicious...is it an old family recipe?


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