April 4, 2007

Beyond chocolate....

Well I finished my garland but I think I might move it from the picture wall and put it somewhere else, maybe hanging from a doorway.
It looks kind of sad hanging there. My favourite image that I used is this bunny couple below - arent they adorable, Mr Bunny's outfit is so smart and they look so happy and content, I wonder what he is taking out of his pocket?

I made some cupcake nests the other day as I visited my godson Alex.
I love being a godmother, and its a yearly tradition for me to go see them for Easter bearing gifts - some new clothes for the Easter weekend and of course chocolate eggs.
The cupcakes were a hit with the kids, Alex kept sneaking up to lick off all the green icing...typical Alex! he's a sweetheart!

I was telling Vanessa last week that my husband's Uncle owns a cake shop, 'The Trianon' .
I try to avoid going past because it always smells so good haha...
anyway yesterday they were featured in Sydney's main newspaper,
The Sydney Morning Herald in a lifestyle article 'Beyond Chocolate'.
They talked about different traditions that happen during Easter and how different cultures celebrate. Its great in Sydney because we love our diverse multi-culture society!
This is the picture from the article. Greek decorative Easter candles -these are given to children for lighting after mass on Easter Sunday.


  1. Lovely photos! The cake shop sounds wonderful - I can understand you keeping away! Sydney sounds like an amazing place for foodies, I'd love to visit someday!

  2. I commented to soon(I was going backwards and catching up),love the garland,really cute! Those cupcakes,yum! What resolve you must have to not be tempted by your uncle-in-laws shop!

  3. Oh MY!!! What a gorgeous post!!! Look at your garland! And those cupcakes! They are unreal!!!! And, those candles!! Oh, you made me ache to visit my little cousins and bring them Easter treats....Alas, I will just be too tired when Sunday finally comes to makes the drive....PS: That shop is divine!!! I adore multi-cultural tradition! I really really adore it!!

  4. I think those candles would totally sell like hotcakes over here. Import?

  5. I love your garland ... delightful !

  6. how can you resist the cake shop? i love those candles and the nests, so cute!

  7. Have a great and blessed

  8. ooooohh those cupcakes :)

    Happy Easter to you!

  9. mariannealice6:56 PM

    my girls are with Alex..you can never have too much icing ( although they tend to favour pink at the moment..)

  10. That garland is adorable. The cupcakes look delicious. You have some will power, girl, if I knew anyone that owned a bakery, I ould be there everyday eating sweets until I was nice and plump and chubby!!

  11. I love your blog!!! Such pretty things to look at. I'll definitely be back.

  12. Oh! It all looks so festive ... happy Easter :)

  13. cruststation5:51 PM

    Beautiful photos! Very sweet garland, what a wonderful set of postcards. MMm cupcakes and those candles? *Wow!* I enjoyed reading about the different traditions and cultures to celebrate Easter. Happy Easter to you and your family :)

  14. Renee9:01 PM

    Great post A, love the garland! And how sweet that you visit your Godson at Easter, i love that. And thats so cool that your husbands Uncles shop was in the paper - yum, i'd want lots of samples! I'm soooo into bakeries and cake shops with this pregnancy! I love them!

  15. mmmmm those look delishee-oso!

    i look foward to reading your blog! so happy that violette introduced us in the blogging world!

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog. The garland is great, inspiration for me next year. Hope your boys have had a wonderful day.


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