May 11, 2007

Fashion Fantasy....+ 7 things

Cotton-tulle-and-eyelet gown by Dolce & Gabbana
The price of this dress can get you a 10% down payment on a brand new swish Sydney apartment. Hmmm...maybe this news is all too much, she needs to go upstairs for a lie down?

Her outfit might be a little bland for some although I could total wear this look, but look at those doors!!

like me, I know a few of my favourite bloggers love the beauty in old decaying buildings - stunning!
A good look for a hot blind date? Non?

I had to get the April issue of US Elle just for this floral layout! love it!! Bad hair day sweetheart?

Cruststation and
Meet me at Mikes
tagged me to list 7 random lists like these!!

ok here goes....

1) When I was 3 I put a bead up my nose and pushed it so high up that I had to go to hospital to have it removed.

2) I have over 500 clippings of Helena Christensen...before you think 'Freak! Stalker!' it was early 90's and everyone was into the supermodel thing and hey I was a huge fan. I dont collect anymore nor do I need them but Id never throw them or give them away.

3) I love pharmacies....first thing I do when im in a new city, town or country i have to find a pharmacy! love going through the shelves finding interesting products and packaging! After I had my eldest Peter I fell in love with 'Mustela' baby products.....last year when we were in Cyprus I couldnt believe how cheap they were so I stocked up!

4) When I was 8 I was hit by a car, no damage to me or the car, but as soon as I got up my grandfather Kosta slapped me across the face, he said it was to ensure I wouldnt stay in shock! Huh?!!
the slap made me cry more than the incident.
(me at 9mnths with my Pappou Kosta)

5. I love to cook and bake but hate making dinner....sounds weird but just the thinking of what to cook with what ingrediants you have and planning, preparing shopping lists.....its all so tiring sometimes!

6. Navy Blue is my favourite colour!

7. I had one and a half wedding dresses made...the first one wasnt working out so I just told her to stop...I cried for 2 days then got over the fact I wasted $800 on Italian silk lace and fabric and ended up with a new design and a new designer! and before you think I was a Bridezilla ...she had no idea what she was doing!! really!!
It was a splendid day apart from Andrew getting faint at the alter...(home funny videos moment) no, not from seeing me but from not eating all day mixed in with nerves after the service we went and had burgers and coke at a nearby cafe......

oh and I'll add one more....Im quite shy, maybe I dont come across that way (how do i come across???) but I am....

Im tagging
Jo, Cindy, Kandeedo, Paula, Shae, Veronica, Melissa


  1. Anonymous12:58 AM

    i love those doors! and i do like her's the most wearable of them all. although, if i owned the first one i would love it so much that i might just wear it around town running errands. :) i'll be posting my 7 later today or tomorrow...

  2. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Nah.. you're not shy!!

    The outfits are quite spectacular. Not sure, worth that kind of money though. Laurence

  3. Anonymous3:02 AM

    Thanks for playing along Anastasia, you don't seem shy at all! Love the first two photos so much, do you still have the photographer's details?

    I think many people went through a similar incident to #1 when they were kids. #3 is interesting and #4 oh no, not another car accident! #7, how wonderful to have a made-to-fit wedding dress (any chance of a photo?)

  4. What a fun blog you have!

    For me it wasn't a bead up the nose when I was little----it was small strings from my blanket! LOL

    Oh, and I think most moms despise the dinner/food planning thing. yes, tiring it is! Ugh!

  5. me again. :) i would love to have you be in the paper swap! I just need you to email me (address is also in my blog post) and I'll email my address to you. I don't have your email address or any other way of contacting you other than this. tee hee

  6. Anonymous7:29 AM

    SHY? You come across, Put together and assertive. He slapped you??? That little Viejito!! Oh well, you did stay awake I presume??? Hee hee...A bead? Why do you people do that? My mom stuffed a pea up hers and it rotted.. GROSS! xxo,V

  7. Anonymous8:16 AM

    awww #7 was a hoot!! i feel for your husband hahah... and i am glad you had a wonderful dress later despite the troubles in the beginning... and i agree, you dont seem shy to me either :)

    btw, i hate cooking dinner too but only because half the time diego wont eat it... yeah, still that way!!!

    oh and that slap, WOW!!!

  8. Navy blue is such an elegant color to love!!!!
    P.S. I loved super models too,my fave was Linda Evangelista,who popped off with the remark of how she wouldn't get up for less tan 25,000 dollars a day !

  9. P.S.S. I'm shy too! I know I'm an actress and stuff,but I have shed many tears over folks thinking I was a b***H,when I really had a hard time making the 1st freindly move!

  10. Anonymous8:15 PM

    youre not shy? seem very feet on the ground, knows what she wants confident and happy!!
    Lovely picture with you and your grandpa!!
    And love the D&G dress!!

  11. Incredible eye candy you blessed us with today. I'm so easily entertained! Not that finding all of those photos was easy, but reading your blog today was as much fun as going to an art gallery! Happy Mother's Day.

  12. oooh look.. i tagged you too.. but that's ok! i agree re cooking dinner... sometimes i cook dinner for the family.. and then i just can't even be bothered to eat any myself! so i just have a glass of wine and some crackers! xx pip

  13. I could totally wear that gown to the playground while I chase Harlan as he climbs up the slide. I bet you could do the same!

    I'm with you on the cooking. Dinner is just exhausting for some reason.

  14. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!I was a Cindy Crawford girl! Love the beautiful dress and the photo with the doors! Its great to know some more about you too! Now, you've got me thinking, what am I going to write ??? Tomorrow's post may be interesting!!! Thanks for asking about the baby, I'm 27 weeks and exhausted, am I meant to be this tired ????

  15. I loved reading 7 things about you. It didn't surprise me at all to learn you had rejected your first wedding dress. That's what is so great about your blog - your uncompromising eye for beauty and detail. There should be more of it.

  16. When I saw my name on the list I went ...Oh No! :) but I'll play along,maybe next week.

    I love your list. I was also hit by a car when I was 5 and I cannot resist a pharmacy. And they are lovely over here...hummm Mustela products :)

  17. oh this list is so funny! especially the bead up your nose :) (i agree with the other comments... you don't seem shy!)
    i feel the same way about dinner... i enjoy cooking much more if the pantry is already properly stocked with everything i need, all accessible... though that very rarely happens.
    (love the old decaying door photo too!)

  18. Anonymous2:16 AM

    People should read this.


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