May 8, 2007

Stop! Crazy woman on the road....

That was me this morning, rushing to get to work!
I woke up SO late after spending most of the night ironing. I refuse to iron more than once a week even though my pile is never ending....
Thank you for all your lovely comments and for totally understanding my desire for another baby but really I wonder, would I cope? I have a hard time juggling everything and Im super lucky to have lots of support in my man, mum and mother in law...its nice to dream and ponder though and anyway who knows? Im only 36! knowing my luck my eggs would go crazy and Id end up with triplets?!?
So I dropped the boys off at my mums in their pyjamas this morning (no time to dress them) with a bag full of clothes and at 9.05am I get a call at work
from my mum that I forgot to pack Peter some jeans so the poor darling was in pyjama bottoms all day...sigh...oh well, if this is one of my bad mummy moments then Im fine with that!

Do you like my vintage babies? one is staying with me and her sister is flying over the pacific to a blogging friend who Im sure will take care of her.
I found them at The Rozelle Flea Market on Sunday....i love going through peoples things...especially just never know what you'll find at the bottom!
I bought some old lace ribbons and scraps and lots of plastic cameo ladies and buttons, some music paper and vintage booklets - love the fonts on the lettering!!
a quick sketch of buttons and toffees.
have a FAB day!!


  1. I've been flea marketing myself lately. It's so much fun finding old buttons and trims. If I were your age, I would definitely have another baby. I hate it that my baby is 10!

  2. cruststation3:01 AM

    I must say I am quite impressed that you manage to juggle family, art and work and everything (mostly) seems to be in order :) Loving your flea market finds in particular the vintage music sheets and booklet. The babies are adorable too! Have a great week.x

  3. My baby is 7, and I am thinking that no more is a good Idea, because 6 is enough. (Yours mine and ours) I love babies! What a find! Love the th trims and button. And those sweet babies.

  4. you sound crazily busy!! but then a mom's work is never done...i'm kind of cracking up about the pj's...i'm sure Peter will never forget the time he had to wear pj's to school!!

    as for a third? well, three IS a magic number :) and who doesn't love a baby in the house?

    great thrifty finds!!

  5. I never find cute stuff like that any more. It seems right up your ally!
    I'm 36 too and my baby is 18 months. I do want another, but honestly I feel overwhelmed by one as it is, and then I think, "What if I had another and it turned out to be twins or a disabled child who required extra attention?" I don't think I'm there yet. It sounds like you have tons of help though, so if it can work for your family, go for it :)

  6. I am sorry you had a rushed day, but you would think a boy would love being in his pajamas all day. I love those little babies, very cute!

  7. love those vintage booklets!
    i agree with babelfish... i am always so impressed that you do so much and juggle everything... home and work and always creating such beautiful artwork in the midst of it all! and you remain sane and smiling!! :) and for me a day in my PJ bottoms would be a dream... sounds lucky :) xo

  8. i love those vintage papers you found! so cooooool! can you imagine what it would be like to have triplets? that would be nuts!

  9. Your vintage goodies are great. I love the little babies. They would look lovely in somebodies nursery.

    Cherry xx

  10. wow , you got some great things on the weekend, isnt other people's junk great, have fun , love jo.

  11. Here is wishing you sixteen minutes to sit and sip sunshine.

    I do not know how you do it all. Does your clock have more than 24 hours?

  12. I haven't been to the flea market for ages. Maybe I will this weekend. It would be a good idea.

    How do you manage to do so much? Being a mum, art work, have a job, write a blog ... amazing!

    I haven't forgotten about your buttons :)


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