May 6, 2007

Tickled Pink!!

Finished some pink ATCs for a 'pink pink and more pink' swap.
I think Im hooked on ATCs - they are so fun to make!

I think the pink theme rubbed off as this morning my good friend Patty who is also my Neo's godmother had a baby girl, welcome little Aerial!
very exciting as we were all convinced she was having a boy again.
Im a little jealous too as Id love to have a baby girl and Im still not sure if my baby making days are over... I know Andrew isnt keen on a third child but when I see a newborn my heart still yearns for another little one....then I think what if we do and its another boy? I know that would be a blessing but is it so wrong for me to dream of a little girl?


  1. Lovely ATCs..
    And i so know what you mean about a third - i have the opposite... we want a boy and my husband feels the same as yours!!

  2. These are really beautiful, Anastasia - I just love your blog...

  3. What do ATC's stand for? I've always wondered.

    I rocked a little baby girl to sleep in church today, oh how it took me back to those baby days ... ahh - love Julia x

  4. I have three gorgeous boys and I have finished having my babies. We were thinking the same as you, and yes, I did want a girl, but now I don't even think about it. I feel very complete and content. My boys are just gorgeous, I will just have to wait for grandaughters. I get my pink fix by making things for friends' girls and using lots of pink. Remember, you might regret not having a third but you definitely won't regret having a third!!!

    love your stuff too and your blog.

  5. Babies are lovely, girls and boys! They make life happier for everyone in their lives. Congratulations to you all!
    Your cards all turned out wonderful!

  6. cruststation6:00 PM

    They are so beautiful, elegant pink ladies :)

  7. I hear you! EVERY time I see a newborn,I wonder about another baby!I guess it our ancient programming.If you had another baby boy,it would not only be a blessing ,but easy(and we know its hard at first),cause you already know that type of babe,A little girl would be uncharted territory,but as I can attest,such ,adorableness! Lovely cards,especially the 1st one.

  8. i loooooooooooove the sewing machine lady!!!

  9. lovely ATCs, anastasia!!
    oh, having another baby...the big question. i don't think there is anything wrong with dreaming with a little girl, they are so much fun! but i am sure boys are every bit as cute.

  10. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I just recently went through a similar time when all I could think about was having another baby. Unfortunately, my hubby and his surgeon, made that impossible.... so I had to deal with it and move on. My little girl is more than enough for us... she is seven going on seventeen lol. A real little miss!
    But.... having said that..... there is no reason why you can't have one and I can make lots of gorgeous stuff for you! Go on... you want to please your friends, don't you? lol
    Your artist trading cards are fabulous... just gorgeous.

  11. Oh, wow, these are delicious! I love them!!

  12. the butterfly collector3:15 PM

    totally gorgeous !

  13. i love the sewing machine lady too... and pink frosted goodness! yes indeed.
    i dream of 3 little ones... e always says just wait and see how you feel after you have the first one :) we will see! xo

  14. mariannealice3:52 PM

    these ATC's would make great cards (a small hint there!) as for baby no 3...of course you can dream of a girl and then you would love who ever you ended up with!

  15. Delightfully darling!!

  16. just love these vintage magazines:)


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