July 15, 2007

Happy Mail.....
happy happy mail!

Some lovely things came in the mail recently.
My 'Bits & Pieces' swap partner Carol made this for me - Thanks Carol, I love it!
The Queen Mother square made me laugh...when I was little my cousins used to tease me and call me Queen as being the baby in the family, id get my own way all the time!

I also ordered some of Vanessa's beautiful cards from her etsy shop - love her whimsical illustrations! I still love writing to friends and can never have enough notecards!
Vanessa was kind enough to include this bag of goodies with a cute sticker 'Stuff to Make Stuff'
Awesome!! Thanks so much darling girl....you are too sweet!

I also got this fantastic ATC and Mail Art envelope from Marilyn....mine is on the way!!

I cant seem to leave comments on typepad blogs - weird! is it just me or is anyone else having probs?
anyway here's to a great start to the week everyone!!


  1. cruststation11:28 PM

    Hooray for cool mail, love Caol's collage squares, and Vanessa's cards and 'stuff' are always lovely. Enjoy!

  2. So many lovely goodies ~ Enjoy! Hope you have a fab week A.

  3. Happy mail, indeed! Always a thrill to receive in the post.
    see you, grache

  4. I really like the one on the top, it's beautiful.

  5. Lucky you! I would recognize Carol's work anywhere. I love all of her trims. I, too, am having trouble leaving comments on several sites.

  6. OOOOOooooo! That stiff to make stuff is cooler than I remember!!! You got a ton of wonderful treasures!! YIPEEEEE! I hope you love the cards! xoxoxxo

  7. the butterfly collector3:54 PM

    oh wow, thankyou so much for introducing me to Vanessa's beautiful work! I just love it and want to buy a print already! I need to save up for frames for the little collection I have going now!

  8. A fantastic envelope it was!
    Link surfing and cannot remember who it was that referred me here! You have beautiful things.

  9. I have a typepad blog, and haven't had problems commenting on them, but I have noticed that things seem slower.
    I love to go to the mailbox since I've started blogging. It's a wonderful way to start the day when I find lovely things like this wonderful gift you've recieved.
    Best wishes!


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