July 19, 2007

Love of Books....

Yeahh Im home today!!....back to my normal 3 day a week schedule at work after a busy few weeks...phew!
i havent sat down to draw anything in ages! I miss it!!
i love my days off - treasure them!!
and being very cold at the moment my boys love their morning sleep so we all had a well deserved sleep in today...its so good being under warm woollen blankies when you arent rushed to get out the door!

On Sunday I went to a book fair held by the Bookdealers Guild of NSW.
Some beautiful vintage books, lots of ephemera and vintage postcards but no bargain prices, still, I did manage to buy 2 vintage children books...couldnt resist!
There was one book that I kept going back to, I couldnt see a price so I knew it would be expensive but when the seller said $750 I just had to walk away...I think he wants to keep it for himself!
their next sale if there are any sydney- siders interested
will be held sometime in August at
The Rex Centre. 1st Floor, 50-58 Macleay St, Kings Cross. Beside Fitzroy Gardens & The El Alamein Fountain. You can call the KingsCross art guild on (02) 9357 2164 for exact dates.
I think its back to the flea market and St Vinnie's for me!

* Top two illustrations included in 'The Red Book of Coloured Pictures'
Cecily and The Goblins by Mabel Lucie Attwell

* Bottom two illustrations by Susan B Pearse from 'Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella'


  1. I hate it when there is no price on something and then it turns out to cost a small fortune! I love the books you got. The illustrations are so darling and they make me feel comfortable, but I guess children's books are supposed to have a comforting quality. I wish I was in Australia. I would totally go to the fair!

  2. I LOVE the last picture with all the kiddies in the bed, rugged up under the covers. It reminds me of what you and your children must look like, sleeping in on a cold day. Ah... makes me MISS fall days, my favorite of all seasons. I can't wait to have opportunity to rug up under a warm blanket too. Ah... those are good days.

    Seven-HUNDRED-and-fifty??? Wow! That is one special book!


    Karen Beth :)

  3. Hi anastasia, i got your pkg. and i just wanted to say thanks. i love it. i can't believe all the stuff you got in there. you are amazing. thanks again.

  4. You must have a fantastic collection of vintage books...how do you display them?

    Working 3 days a week is perfect isnt it...thats me schedule at the moment but September i will go full-time..

  5. cruststation10:24 PM

    These are absolutely perfect finds, I love Mabel Lucie Attwell. What a shame the book was so expensive, but so nice to hear you had a good time off and more crafting to come, yay!

  6. that last illustration is killing me! i would love to see all your books in person.
    i also loved the photos of your vacation and wanted to congratulate you for being a paid and published artist!

  7. What beautiful finds! And I so agree with KB, I miss the fall.

  8. Rolling my tongue back in my mouth, I really reallly really love those books!

  9. What absolutely darling pictures they all are. I love all the images. Thanks for sharing

  10. these are so cute. I specially love the two bottom images.

  11. these children's books look wonderful. i love that cover of the red book!
    and yes, sleeping in under thick blankies on a cold day... is there a greater winter pleasure? mmmm. so sad it is so far away for us! :)


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