February 19, 2008

Jump for Joy!!

this is how im feeling right now....ive just come back from my orthodontist with 10 blue bands amongst my back teeth!! very very uncomfortable ...but im so happy as Im getting my braces next week!!!

Im such a patient girl...when I first saw him around this time last year i thought id be half way into my treatment by now but after a root canal then surgery to remove a tooth and five fillings (blame the chocolate!) later we were approaching Christmas but he said i was good to go...Hoorah!!...then he said 'My next available appointment is February 08' ....but we're here now and im so glad time goes fast - before you know it I'll have super dooper straight teeth!!

* ATC made by me -Jump for Joy*


  1. Congratulations! LOL you are excited about dental work, hehehe!

  2. Oh gosh! You're the first person I've ever known to jump for joy at the thought of braces! LOL!


  3. braces!!!? oh my! talk about a flashback...can't wait to see your smile when your done :)

  4. No more chocolate!!! ;)
    I'm sending you a reply. hang on!

  5. Hooray for you. Glad that things are moving along :n )

  6. Ana - if my children ever have to have braces I hope they are as happy as you :-).

    I am very impressed with your positive attitude and joie de vivre :-)



  7. awww thanks gals!!
    I do sound very happy - ive been waiting for what seems SO long!!
    im in such pain though - these dividers have made my mouth very sore!!

  8. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Oh my goodness you are brave!

  9. I used to hate going to the orthodontist as a teenager !

  10. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Braces braces braces!!!! I had braces when I was 11 for one year. I wanted them soooo badly!! And, I didn't need them too much, but, my parents thought, let's perfect her smile... My bottom teeth were totally straight, and all I had was a slight wing action in my front teeth... But, guess what? After they came off, I was not good at wearing my retainers, and my once straight bottom teeth, are now crooked (what's up with that?). So, wear your retainers girly!! hee heeeee xoxoxooxo
    (beware of the first night with braces. Have some wine handy. I still remember that night, for some reason every tooth hurt and all I could do was bear down on my comforter in my sleep in pain, but after that it is all fun and games!!! )

  11. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I'm glad you can be so happy about having dental work done :) That's true optimism girly!

  12. When I was a teen, I actually got my braces off on February 9th. Funny the things you remember.


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