February 17, 2008

This is ....What Makes me laugh

My boys make me laugh all the time - love that! Their laugh is infectious! Laughing children is always a joy to hear but my boys are real characters...future comedians maybe?!
we always laugh at Lola (from Charlie & Lola) in our house....

and who can forget 'I love Lucy'...i watch the re-runs on cable and she still makes me laugh!
I also laugh at the 'Home funny video' shows...how sad am I to laugh at peoples pain (and stupidity) ...but its really funny...!
and if Im laughing and I snort laugh then i laugh some more....
I laugh during funny movies like 'The Party' and silly movies like 'Something about Mary' and usually british comedy gets me laughing - from Benny Hill and Faulty Towers to the recent film 'Death at Funeral'
its a crack up!
oh and of course I know when to laugh at myself....we've all had our embarrasing moments..or maybe its just me?!
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  1. I would laugh at those things too-I loved that movie and I completely forgot about I love Lucy-used to watch it all the time!!

  2. My mother and I laugh all the time at Charlie and Lola, especially Lola! She IS really funny, as Charlie always says! Her whole attitude! xxxx Have a greaaaat Sunday

  3. Laughter is the best medicine.
    Your boys look super-happy, enjoy spending time with your children.

  4. I laugh at Charlie and Lola too!

  5. Oh, Charlie and Lola are delightful. I love it so much.
    And Lucy. She is amazing. thanks for sharing

  6. Oh, Charlie and Lola are delightful. I love it so much.
    And Lucy. She is amazing. thanks for sharing

  7. I love to laugh. And Charlie and Lola has become an obsession of mine =)

    It's lovely that you had a wonderful time with your family and being happy.

  8. It looks like life in yourhouse is a lot of fun, Anastasia. What beautiful children you have!

  9. your boys look adorable in that photo!
    i also laugh when people fall in the videos. and benny hill...just great!
    have a wonderful week, a!

  10. I love Charlie and Lola - thanks for visiting my blog and seeing the funny side of Jerry!


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