March 25, 2008

muted shades

I love these muted murky shades - blues, greens, yellows and and creams - I think they look gorgeous in the home and create such a cosy feel....
We're thinking of moving next year - we're not sure if we'll buy a new home (we are currently looking) or if we'll fix up our investment home - lots of walls to knock down, a huge new kitchen and we can slowly turn it into our dream a little scared as renovating can be stressful work and I must admit Id rather buy then fix but it will also be a challenge... I'm also stuck about interior styles, how does one choose when there is so much on offer out there?? too confusing!
* All images from Mary Engelbreit Home Companion (back issues), its one of my very favourite mags ever!*


  1. Ooh my girls would love that bedroom. Not so good in a 1960s cream brick though hehe.

  2. I'm with you Anastasia, muted tones all the way! I've never heard of this magazine before but I'm loving what I see? Where do you buy your copies from or do you have a subscription?

    Anna :)

  3. Hey Anna
    Yes, I subscribe - its much cheaper!
    they do sell it at Borders though...i try to avoid Borders - too tempting!
    here is the link to the mag

  4. You mentioned being in a quandary about buying v. remodeling and then in choosing a design. When I've moved in the past, I always tried to live in the house and "feel" it for a year before I did any remodeling. It may sound strange, but I think a house has an "essence" that good design should enhance.

  5. lovely images! those two beds in the last photo are so beautiful.
    you know i am not much help about deciding which style. but i do think that you start with one piece, one colour, one something and that will guide you.

  6. Thanks Carol - its a good tip there...not sure if the house is liveable as sure it would drive me crazy - im so impatient haha but I agree - a house does have a character of its own, you wouldnt want to ruin that only enhance it!!

  7. I also love the muted and murky!!

  8. Love the bedroom pic...What issue?


  9. love those twin beds!

  10. Hi cindy

    Its issue FEb/Mar-2002
    hope this helps!


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