May 30, 2008

J'Adore Toile de Jouy

Such a busy week - i havn't had a chance to get online much...

My friend Melissa was in New York last month and stayed in a hotel room that was covered in Toile - she said she felt like she was in a gift box and that the room reminded her of me...i do love Toile but must admit I only like it in small are a few nice samples

Dita Von Teese in a gorgeous toile dress - image from Perez Hilton blog

Stunning chairs at a French Flea Market - image from Ellebee on Flickr

adorable Craft Tags from Small Treasures on Flickr

Not playing tourist today - Ive been home doing housework and lots of tidying up - we are off into town tonight for a nice dinner and some drinks...should be fun!


  1. OOhhh I like toile too. Those pics are good examples as well.

    And yes all the sales are starting soon everywhere! so check it out =)

  2. ah, that housework it's never ending - you can only put it off for so long. Dinner and drinks sounds like a nice concilation though.

  3. Those flea market chairs are lovely. I dont think I could pull off a whole dress in toile, well maybe if looked even a smidge like Dita I could, but seeing as I dont I better stick to toile in small doses.

  4. oooooh I love those gift tags.

  5. Aaah I love toile too!I Made a little zipped pocket for my handbag from a favourite piece so I could use it everyday!And I am seriously coveting that dress!!

  6. I love Toile (in small doses) too. Your examples are gorgeous, although I don't think I could pull off the dress!

  7. Dita looks gorgeous in that dress. So different from her usual attire.

  8. the toile-covered chairs are my favorite... i am like you, i love it in small doses! and combined with the rusticity of the chairs it is so good.


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