June 2, 2008

This is....my Pet

or I should say Pets...my little birdies! arent they cute?!!
Thanks to Kyla for the topic this week!
Its an old picture but we had heavy rain yesterday and I couldnt take a new photo!
i love hearing them chirp away when I slide the back door open....

here are some images from Sydney Botanical Gardens....I really enjoyed my week off! its so nice showing your city to someone who has never been here before, you feel proud of where you live and i must admit Sydney is such a pretty city.


  1. Oh, gorgeous! I am a bit scared of birds but yours look very cute!

  2. Heee, they're so cheery looking. I love their yellow faces, and peachy cheeks... are they peach-faced love birds? My step brother has one of those and it mimics his phone ring perfectly. It fools everyone including him. He has to change his ring tone all the time.

    I agree, Sydney IS a very pretty city.

  3. Yep, they are pretty cute! Lovely photos of the gardens, Sydney is just gorgeous, I love it.

  4. Cute little birds who look a bit cheeky to me!
    I love visiting Sydney-a very lovely city indeed!

  5. Cockatiels are lovely birds. I am sure they are great company with their singing.

  6. I love that they look like they are wearing a ton of blush on their cheeks. Super Cute. Thanks for sharing your pretty birdys with everyone!!!

  7. A great city indeed. I love Sydney and always look forward to visiting.

    Your birdies are cuties.


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