May 16, 2008

Lightening Up!!
my hallway BEFORE (eeekk look at that awful yellow!!) and AFTER...
its been 4 months since Andrew painted the whole interior of our home and i still love coming home, opening the door and admiring it!!
this little corner here in my hallway is my favourite as you can see the paintwork nicely.

Neutrals teamed with white create such a fresh and airy feel and teamed with dark wooden floors its just my thing - love it!

We hope to find a new home soon but the market is at a standstill right now - nothing great for sale in our area, its pretty depressing as we're SO ready to move and have more space...cant wait to have a gorgeous new kitchen
imagine something like this

or this! both found on FLICKR....
now a girl can dream huh?!
have a FAB weekend everyone - we're off to Canberra for two days, should be fun!!


  1. Come to Addicted To Fabric, Canberra's loveliest fabric shop for a browse. Kids will love Questacon. Enjoy! Check out the Canberra's got Style blog for lots of great ideas!

  2. Anonymous3:03 PM

    gorgeous kitchens, lovely hall way! Have a wonderful holiday!
    Shae xo

  3. yes! we're definitely going to Questacon!! so much fun there...
    thanks Shae - here's to a great weekend too!

  4. I love your hall way!so stylish,great!!!and yes I too dream of kitchens like those but must admit I am still head over heals with my own kitchen even after all these years.Pim installed it himself and after having a crappy kitchen for 15 years it still is such a relief to be standing in my kitchen in the morning to have my coffee.Love your post!!!xoxo

  5. Your house looks great, Anastasia! I too dreamed of a large kitchen for a long time, but ended up redecorating my small kitchen.

  6. Anonymous11:30 PM

    Oooh I love how the paint job came out. I agree about neutrals too. As much as I love color, sometimes you need at least one room that brings about some calmness ya know?

  7. Anastasia, your painted hallway looks stunning. You are so very lucky to live in an a period home with those soaring ceilings! I wish!

    Have a blast in Canberra. My son has his yr 5 school camp there in a couple of weeks...he's so excited god bless his cotton socks lol

    Anna :)

  8. I love the hallway. The white wood finish is beautiful. Those kitchens you have picked out would be ones I dream about as well. Have a great time Canbarra!
    Cheers Kyla

  9. Your new colours are stunning. I also dream of neutrals with white and timber floors. Maybe I'll come and live in your house once you've moved on :)

  10. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I am redecorating right now, love the white / neutral combo...and the kitchens, swoon!

  11. Love it, love the colour. Neutrals are the way to go, your hall is so light and airy!

  12. love the colors you chose anastasia. they feel so fresh and light!
    and those kitchens... swoon... in my dreams too :)

  13. Oh I have these 2 kitchen in my 'kitchen dreams' file! You have exquisite taste! Your renovation is stunning. Isn't it amazing what a coat of paint can do! A-M xx

  14. Gorgeous kitchens! I would love to have either of those. Anything's gotta be better than what we currently have....

  15. hi nounna i finally figured out how to make my blog properly now you need to show me how to get photos on

  16. nounna one more thing some of the comments people left you have tiny pictures next to them hoew do u do that to bye freckle girl

  17. hi nounna steph here if you want to see what i have on my blog go to


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