June 28, 2008

Its Party Time!!
ive been to quite a few virtual blogging parties - like Risa's Tea Party
and the Grand Bloglandia ball ,
us bloggers cant get enough tea with the
You're my cuppa Tea party,
and who could forget Natasha's
Vintage Prom Party
So much fun!!!

and now the divine

Miss Vanessa is hosting a 'Mad Tea Party (of the Costume variety)'

Vanessa's blog is always full of creative fun and adventures - it seems like there's always a party happening at her place, but this should be a great day in bloggy land!!!
so i drew a little picture for you - a vintage millinery head piece to add some pretty romance to any outfit
and some small party treats?? yes, please!!!

Our twins are the perfect guests and cant wait to eat some party cake!
our friend the showgirl is itching to dance

oh there is tin soldier, Im sure he'll give her a twirl!
sugar plum fairy is as sweet as can be! so jump on over to
Miss Vanessa's party and join in on the celebrations!

* Top illustration by me
* Twin image from UK Vogue
* Show girl from Italia Vogue
*Tin Soldier & Sugar Plum Fairy by Tim Walker


  1. Pefectly perfect images for the party! I love your artwork and the selection of photographs really tells a tale of a lovely and creative party. I can't wait to check out your artwork. Vanessa's party has really introduced us to many kindred spirits. Karen

  2. I love the lollipops!!!!

  3. I love your drawing and headdress. I'm positive that you and your friends are now at the party having a great time. I also love those lollipops in the last picture


  4. Anonymous12:58 AM

    Nice to meet you at the party :-)

  5. Anonymous1:47 AM

    Fabulous party! (I'm a little uncertain about those twins, though! LOL)

  6. Oh I just love your illustration, so perfect for the day! And of course, the sugar plum fairy is to die for!!! :) Lovely party, xo!!

  7. What a talented artist you are! I enjoyed my twirl around your Wonderland!

  8. such lovely party photos! this was such a nice stop, thanks for letting me drop in, it was wonderful! =)

  9. So fun to see what everyone is wearing!

  10. great, great party,

    wonderful pictures..
    the twins are too cute... and
    dressed just right...

    happy mad hatter day...


  11. Fabulous photos. You have a great eye. This is my first blog party and it is great to see that there have been many as it assures me that there are many more in my future. This is so much fun.

    To kick off my first party I made party hats, a bauble surprise, and added a good measure of moondancing for EVERYONE. Stop by and let me know how this fledgling party girl is doing.

  12. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Looks like everyone here is in the celebration mode (mood?) Wonderful!!!

  13. Stunning post Miss A!! You are so dear to me!!!! I can't even tell ya!! May I have a morsel?? Oh, those twins!! hahaha!! I am staying here for a while, k? xooxox

  14. Anastasia, your drawing is divine -- I love it. And has anyone noticed/commented on how much it resembles our hostess the very delightfully charming Miss Vanessa?!? See you at the party!

  15. Anonymous5:45 AM

    I am having so much fun visiting everyone's parties.

    I LOVE all of the photos you posted, and your illustration is just beautiful!

    Have a great day!


  16. LOVE your choice of photos!!!!
    Happy Tea Party Day!!


  17. Happy Mad TEA Party!!
    Nice to meet You!

    I’m tryin’ to gain 20lbs @ this party!!
    LOL ;-D
    Cheers, Sue `*>~[

  18. ohh YES more tea please ! thank You.
    Your Head Piece ? Very smart. Lovely and just right I must say for such an occassion.

    I love the Vouge-y photos you worked in..yum. And I have that Tim Walker ish. Mmm, dont' you love it ?

    So it was FUN HERE, looking at mags while we chatted about The Tea !

    Love, S

  19. The photos are very inspiring, please come by for tea and animal crackers!

  20. Love your illustration! Happy Tea Party to you!! xoxo...jenn

  21. Anonymous11:15 AM

    You and your friends are so well dressed for the occasion! So nice to meet you and have a chance to mingle meet such fashionable folk.

  22. The twins look like two peas in a pod. May I have a lollipop please?


  23. Anonymous12:51 PM

    I am so happy Vanessa had her party so I could learn about your blog! Your drawing is just beautiful and who wouldn't love that showgirl from Italia Vogue...(I always love the images I find in it...my favorite was the spread they did on fabrics and tattoos). Happy tea party!

  24. The illustration is soo lovely...beautiful work!
    Love that last photo!! Oh gosh...too cool!!!

  25. lovely to meet you here and rest for a while. I must be off now to meet more folks. I'll see you again.

  26. so nice to meet you and what a fabulous post! I enjoyed my visit with you and hope to see you soon. ~M~

  27. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Such a fun tea party..I switched to pink lemonade...would you like some?



  28. I love your illustration Anastasia! And the Italian Vogue show girl costume and head piece? WOW! just perfect for a fun tea party! What a blast of a party! xo

  29. Hello Anastasia,

    your name sounds "royal", so you couldn't be missed at the teaparty ! Your headpiece suits you perfect !

    I like the twins !!
    Inge ( from Belgium)

  30. it was ever-so nice
    to meet you at the Mad Tea Party, anastasia!

    wasn't it grand!


    please do drop in again
    to visit me
    and thanks
    for the early morning cuppa earl grey!

    ...it was just what i needed
    after staying so long at the party.

    {{ your twins are so polite! }}

  31. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Thanks for joining in the fun! I had to stop visiting last night- I was worn out! Too much cake and excitement! I will need to nap today just to get over it! xxxooo calamity kim

  32. What fun! Thanks for the spot of tea!

  33. Sorry I have lost my wand and that's why I'm a tad late. Thanks for still having me on your party. I just needed inspiration to make a new wand and I think I've got it through those giant lollypops. Thanks!

  34. Beautiful pictures for a delightful party ~ Thank You :)

  35. hI! Nice to meet you! super cool your blog! I love its! nice post about Vanessa´s party! I hope you can visit my blog too! see you soon!

  36. What perfect visual fun, otherwise known as "eye candy" you always provide! Lovely, lovely!


  37. Anonymous2:12 PM

    those photos are amazing! i have got to get some european vogue magazines! happy tea partying!

  38. What lovely pics. Please do stop by and have some cake.

    Irma :)

  39. wonderful sketch and party photos !!

  40. Anonymous9:15 AM

    oh what a great party and just love her mad hatter, especially the shoes!!! Love your new drawings, especially this one! Happy Wednesday, Shae xo

  41. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Your drawing is gorgeous, and the images you pulled out are perfect for Miss Fanciful Twist, they are so her! Loving the delicious looking tarts too...yum!

  42. Anonymous7:58 AM

    I love your art work.The photo is gorgeous!


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