August 13, 2008

childhood wonder......
i loved these girly rooms i spotted in some recent mags ... people take so much care to make kids rooms so beautiful these days!

quite funny when I think back to my own childhood bedroom....not magazine worthy thats for sure !!!

I had pale blue & cream scroll wallpaper that was old and tired & had probably been there way before my parents bought the little victorian house in inner city Stanmore...the walls were teamed with dark blue patterned vinyl flooring, a draby brown wardrobe & dresser and floral curtains that clashed so well with my hot pink duvet ...well it was the 70's after all and Im sure my parents didnt have a lot of spare cash to throw away on matching linen and redecorating.

It did get better as I grew up, the wall paper vanished to be replaced by pale peachy walls that eventually were coverd with posters of our favourite musicians
but you know even amongst the 'not so pretty looking ' bedroom I was happy...i have some FAB memories sharing a room with my sister, claiming our own side of the room, sharing clothes, playing, recording music on our cassette player, sticking up for each other...especially when we used to sneak in the hallway after bedtime to take a peek at a late show my parents were watching...
so even though we do our best to make our homes look beautiful, its not what really matters is it??
I dont think little kids will even know the difference if something looks out of place....haha having said that, my boys are currently going through an action hero phase and I cant stand licensed merchanside - who wants Spiderman all over their sweet room...heehee...

Top from UK 'House & Garden'
Bottom two from Australian 'Country Style'


  1. i had hideous wallpaper too. as i got older i just covered it with the poster of the times: from rob lowe to the smiths. my walls reflected my life at the time.

  2. I look at rooms like this and think they're pretty, but what kid is really going to keep them looking like that. I had the "Vogue Living" mum, as we call her, and our room had florals, and carefully placed framed pictures and matching desk / bedside table things, and it was pretty, but I don't recall it being any better than when it was the attached, covered in veranda that it was before my folks renovated. It was just my room (and my sisters, we shared too).

  3. Those polka dots shoes are just darling!

    I love your pictures on flickr:)

    Have a great week!


  4. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Oh that bed! Those shoes!
    A visist here always has me swooning.

  5. oh this post has brought back a flood of memories! I too shared a room with my Sis, and boy I'd love to be able to go back and revisit some of those times.
    i totally agree with you though about the fact that as children it's the love and the caring that is truly important..great post A!
    xox Kali

  6. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Oh gosh.. I am totally at the other end of the scale. We used to live in a chalet that had five levels and a spiral staircase right through the centre to join it all up. My bedroom was at the very bottom of the house (only child) whilst my parents room was at the very top. I swear that every night I could hear someone climbing up and down the staircase repeatedly adn it scared the begeezers outta me. Oh how I wished to have someone sharing my room with me... of the living type that is.
    Lovely post Anastasia.
    xox Nicole.

  7. They are beautiful rooms!

    I remember wanting a blue room, but for some reason my mother decided that it was a depressing colour and instead I got canary yellow walls, lime green shelves, a royal blue bed and a red desk. She was so proud that she even found (the most hidieous) curtains that had all the colours in them.

    I still have such a strong hatred for yellow to this day!

  8. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I love that top picture, I wish I had, had a bedroom like that as a little girl. Mine was Blue Peter blue painted on woodchip not the most soothing colour, no wonder I had alot of nightmares

  9. pretty pics! love the shoes! hope you have a fabulous day!! hugs!! xo Britt :-)

  10. I love all your mag scans. You find the best ones. That top room looks so sweet!

    Mine wasn't too bad though it always changed over the years depending on what I was into.

    Though I love checking out children's rooms. Some f them are so cute and pretty.

  11. Little kids' shoes always drive me crazy.......

  12. Love the kids sweet!


  13. I shared a room with my sister growing up and you brought back a lot of those memories :)

    Two of my boys share a room and I hope they have some good memories to look back on as well. Oh, and we're heavy into action figures and sports !!! Their rooms would never make the decorating magazines !!!

  14. Ana, I love the last two scans, that country style issue is gorgeous!

    My dad had a house in Stanmore I spent my weekends there growing up and my sister currently lives in Earlwood...Such a small world. I love all the continental cake shops around that area - mmmmm.

    Anna :)

  15. Hey Anna
    sydney is a small place haha!
    my hubbys Uncle owns a cake shop The Trianon in Earlwood...yummy continental cakes!

  16. Anonymous5:06 AM

    I love kid's bedroom decor, so adorable to look at. Your images are gorgeous, especially the polka dot shoes :)


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