August 10, 2008

This WIP
a great theme by Debbie of Kept in jar for this weeks 'This is '
Im currently working on Tags, tags and more fun tags....glue, flatten overnight, cut, add cute images, flatten again, punch hole, add ribbon and voila - they are ready!!
some will go down to Pips at 'Meet me at Mikes' and the rest will be for the Craft stall at my nieces school fete...2 weeks to go and i havnt really made much yet...frick! i always leave everything to the last minute! Im a slow slow crafter too.....

another WIP that has been hiding in a draw for a long long time ( so long that Im ashamed to say how long ) needlestitch project, almost finished now!!
For more This is posts check out Angela's lovely blog
Lookee here - my latest thrift find!!
a cute Holly Hobbie ring that left me $2 poorer!


  1. wow, looks like you're busy!

  2. It all looks wonderful as ever and I am sitting here amost green with envy(just kidding of course:))looking at your holly hobby ring!!!!How cute is that!!!!

  3. wow, you've got a lot going on...and the needle stitch project is gorgeous !!

  4. Anonymous7:16 AM

    So jealous of your Holly Hobbie find! Your needlestitch looks great, it looks a very big project, not suprised it's taking a while to finish. Your tags are gorgeous too!

  5. Very busy! Cute little tags, and I love your needlestitch. Lovely!

  6. Sounds like you have a very efficent production line going with your lovely tags. That stitching is very special and lucky you to find a Holly Hobby ring!

  7. oooh's all round for you this week....

    oooo, your tags are so pretty, look at them all!
    oooooo, what an amazing achievement to finish such a complex needle stitch project!

    OOOOOO, holly hobby ring for $2, cool!

  8. Your tags are pretty. I adore the paper you have been using.

    And at least you can do that needle stitching. Wow!

    Oh and yes, Heath Ledger was amazing in The Dark Knight!

  9. The tags look like fun but that needlework project is absolutely gorgeous. Lemons of Cyprus?

  10. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Perfect Marvelous needlestitch!!!! Look at all this goodness, and that montage below, fab!! xoxo

  11. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I am definitely going to try making some of those tags. What a great idea. I hope you are happy and healthy A. xox Nicole

  12. Tags are such fun to make - enjoy! xx

  13. You are so busy. Tag making is so much fun. Cheers Kyla

  14. Thank you for tagging me. I feel like people will now know me when I fly off ... why does the word tagged make me think of pigeons?
    I have confessed my sins today ... and said a little hello to you in my blog.

  15. Hmmmmmmm. love your tag "makins", and that cuppa looks tasty too! I'd say I'm ready to sit down and create! : D


  16. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Your needlepoint piece is amazing, well done! The tags are great too, great to see you keeping creatively busy.


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