August 21, 2008

Sophisticated Lady....

im home today with my little Neo...trying to craft since I have the school fete stall this Sunday but ive spent most of the morning telling Neo to sit he wants mummy to bake cupcakes!

You all know how much I love vintage images and style so i had to share a very inspiring blogger that I discovered a couple of months ago -
Lady Melbourne...she's one sophisticated looking lady and she sure knows how to style up the vintage pieces!!
i was so in awe of her style that I went back and read all her old posts!
When it comes to me, I dont do vintage very well...i always end up looking like a frumpy librarian!
Maybe I should experiment more...Lady Melbourne's posts sure help!!
i have a few members in my extended family that would be shocked to see me buying and wearing old clothes - Im sure we all do, but recycling fashion is a great way to get some unique looks dont you think?...

Top image from NormaValentine on Flickr
Middle Image from Vogue - CondeNast shop
Bottom image of Babe Paley found on google Images

“Babe Paley had only one fault,
She was perfect. Otherwise, she was perfect.” - Truman Capote


  1. Oooh, a good link. Ta. I will browse through too. Helps if you're as photogenic as her. I too look all Ugly Betty. Go on, whip up some cup cakes. Will you be at the '50s fair on Sunday? I can't remember whether I asked?

  2. Hi Anastasia, just a quick message to see if you know about the vintage Christmas Itty Bitty book? It's open to sign up now! I'm at home with my little boy today too, doing cutting and pasting. He can't say cup cakes yet, only 'play dough', so that's what we do most of the time :)

  3. Fantastic link! I sure wish I could wear vintage the way she can. It looks great!

    Love the images too. And I do hope you are able to get your items done for school fete.

  4. Great link. I was very fascinated by all her amazing outfits. Unbelievable!

  5. isn't it great when you find a blog and really end up reading all of the past stuff? It's like a series of great books, only smaller.

    Love Babe Paley!

  6. oh my, that Lady Melbourne....reading, shopping and cocktails ???? Can I be her for a day ???

    what a fun blog....thanks for sharing.

    hope all is well at your house....and did you bake those cupcakes ??

  7. glad you liked the link girls!!

    Katiecrackernuts - had to laugh at the Ugly Betty comment...ive even got the teeth braces to match!haha
    i wont be going to 50's fair although ive heard its great! instead I'll be at my nieces school fete selling my papergoods - wish me luck!

  8. Aren't you just a doll!
    Thank you for the compliments, it's an honour that you read my pages.
    I will be coming back here, you have a wonderful eye for the beautiful in everything.

  9. Lovely link! Thanks! x

  10. Great Truman Capote quote - love all the photos. I love love love wearing vintage, definitely a good way to get a truly unique style. I found a brilliant Aquascutum trench a couple of weeks ago, it's beautiful!

  11. Anonymous7:00 PM

    I love your vintage images as always, there's something timeless about the style (so sophisticated). Lady Melbourne's style is amazing, looks like she'd just walked out of a 1940-50s movie.

  12. Anonymous11:46 PM

    love Lady Melbourne! I feel a bit of a frump at the moment! Need some new clothes and some tips from the Lady!
    Love the images too!


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