August 19, 2008

This is I spend my weekends
my computer is still getting fixed but here is my 'This is' post!!

I only work 3 days a week so Im lucky in that I have an extra long weekend but its always non stop & on the go in our household!
this weekend that just went by we celebrated my father in laws birthday on Saturday night and on Sunday my sister had us all round for a BBQ as it was my niece Stephanie's 11th we gathered with family and ate our way through it...(hey we're Greek, its what we do!)

every Saturday morning I go to Jazzercise class which I just love...its an very early morning class but such a good way to start the day!
Peter also has a soccer game (he scored his first goal last week!! woo! ) on Saturdays and so I usually cook a simple lunch once we get home and I spend the afternoon folding clothes, tidying up and doing housework - there's something satisfying about having a clean house ( it doesnt last that way too long!! )

we love going out for Brunch on Sundays, we tend to do that more in the warmer months but i really enjoy Cafe style breakfast meals as well as a good coffee (or two)...
we usually take the boys out on Sundays maybe to the park or to Coogee beach for a walk, to the Botanical Gardens or local duck pond...we always make the effort to do stuff otherwise its a Sunday wasted huh? Monday comes around really fast!..i like to cook something decent for Sunday night, otherwise its usually Thai takeout!

Thanks Bird Bath for a great topic this week and you can visit Angela's blog to see who else is playing This is....
i was going to post this week's 'This is' without any pictures but it just wouldnt feel right, so here are some beautiful images from stylist Lucyina Moodie via S.hopTalk blog - im yearning for brighter sunnier days!


  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    oh yes, I remember those Greek get together... food food food!

    Did I tell you that I had a Cypriot boyfriend for 4 years?

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Love the serene photos you chose. Hope your computr is well again soon!

  3. Reeces pieces are little chocolate cups filled with peanut butter.. Yuck already but.. 1 is enough, 2 is too much, 3 is stupid and the whole packet LUDICROUS... that's me xx

  4. Wow that is really beautiful. I would like to spend my weekends out there too.

  5. You definitely make the most of your weekends which is fantastic!
    It's so nice and what weekends are about.

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  7. hey! Did you know you got a wrap in the decor8 blog??

  8. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a weekend. And bring on some brighter, sunnier days indeed!

  9. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Sunday brunch with family followed by beach time sounds really sweet.

    Hope your computer gets well soon!

  10. Love the first pic, I've always wanted a conservatory!

  11. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Your weekends sounds wonderful, I like the sound of eating out, BBQ & visits to the Botanical Gardens.

  12. nice weekends, a! busy but fun!
    i love the photos you posted too.
    and go peter!!!!!!! can you hear me shouting gooooooooal!?


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