September 15, 2008

Birdy Num Num....
some birdy love!!
my new Target day dress
with its pretty bird print fabric, which
inspired the birdy tags I made yesterday...tweet tweet...tweet!
the bluebird cross-stitch lavendar pillow that I made ages ago,
i have a few of these hanging in my wardrobe...i always spray my favourite perfume (Summer Hill by Crabtree & Evelyn) to refresh and it makes everything smell so nice!!!
ive also got some birdy necklaces hanging from my mirror in my room wearing these with white Tshirts and its almost Tshirt season people (yeahhh!) ....
dont you just love feathered friends?


  1. Oh don't we live in a topsy turvy world, I am thinking about putting away my t-shirts ...sighs...

  2. Oh yes I do - bring on the birdies!!!! And I LOVE those tags. They are absolutely gorgeous :)

  3. love all the birdies....sadly, T-shirt weather is drawing to a close here.....enjoy its arrival down under :)

  4. i LOVE the birdies. I Love LOve LOVE the birdies. Those necklaces are gorgeous, can't go past a Target dress, and your lavendar bag is sweet!

  5. Gorgeous birdie goodness-love the tags you made-very sweet!

  6. Those birdie tags are extremly adorable!
    And that necklage is a definite favorite too. pretty!

  7. Tweet tweet! It must be spring :)

  8. Anonymous1:31 PM

    oh! i LOVE that dress!!!

  9. I love that necklace and your very sweet birdy tags. Beautiful!

  10. your birdy tags are very sweet - and so is the dress and necklace! That's a big bunch of birdy-sweetness :)

  11. Everyone seems to have birdy fever right now. I certainly do. Chinoiserie patterns featuring birds are so in vogue.

    Anna :)

  12. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Hi A.
    Your birdie tags are gorgeous. You have inspired me to go out into the deep dark world and create many birdie 'things'... just don't ask what they are yet cos it's waaaay too early to tell.
    xox Nicole

  13. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Yes, I quite agree, I love feathered friends, too...

  14. Ohh I love birds too! Cute tags and other birdy goodness.

    Yay! Tshirt season! I'm so excited!

    And by the way...I received your absolutely gorgeous PIF package! Wow! It's fantastic! Thank you so much Anastasia. I adore it all! I need to blog about it and to do my own PIF as well of course =) Thanks so much for the wonderful package!

  15. Anonymous4:48 AM

    What a beautiful dress, love your necklaces too -birds are always inspiring!


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