September 5, 2008

This and that on a Friday...
its wet and miserable outside so Im stuck indoors today! not a bad thing I guess....

I thought Id show you some of the paper goods I was working on the past few weeks for the craft stall.

i love school fetes, alway fun for everyone!

I had free sweets to entice people to come over heehee and I wrapped some parcels to show people what my tags can look like on a gift...I had all my prices on a photo frame just to be a bit different.
It was a fun experience being my first craft stall and I loved having a chance to talk to people about my goodies!
Here is what the lovely Cathy sent me the other day - she included a note saying she 'spotted this in a thrift store and thought of me!!' isnt that the nicest thing ever!!? thanks again Cathy!


  1. Mmmm free sweets, wish I'd been there xx

  2. What darling pieces you make! They are wonderful!!!
    ~Emily in Norway

  3. Yes, it's true. I see Vogue and just think of you. I'm glad you like it. Not sure if it will be much use for recipes but it's nice all the same.

  4. Your paper crafts are awesome!! Love the vintage images of the young girls. What kind of recipes are in that cookbook?? Happy Friday, I am trying my best to send some Arizona sunshine your way!

  5. Wheee! I adore your paper goods! They're so cute and sweet! As if you need sweets to entice people =) Though that would be a nice added touch lol

  6. oh yes I so adore your work,I love the vintage feel and love the soft colors.You always know how to inpire me thank you!

  7. your stall must have been the cutest one! love all the things you made for it.
    and surprises in the mail! not many things better than that!

  8. Congrats on the stall - the goods look lovely. Do you use Vintage patterns to make them? Oh and the Fantails are a great idea for luring potential customers :)

  9. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Love all the details you placed at your store, you'll be great at a craft fair! Loving your work as always.


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