September 7, 2008

This favourite band!

Thanks to CurlyPops for this week's topic but just like movies and books, i have a hard time picking favourite music

i have to say ABBA was my first love and I still enjoy their music can get me on the dance floor real fast!
during my teens I was obsessed with
Culture Club, The Style Council , Pet Shop Boys , Simply Red
...80's music is still SO good!! ...i was really into the English music & fashion scene, i loved everything about it and I couldnt wait to finish school so I can visit London...
Happy fathers day to all the dads!!
we took my dad out for brunch today and Andrew got spoilt too!


  1. Abba is a popular choice today...I'd forgotten about Culture Club and The Pet Shop Boys. The 80's music scene was fab!

  2. Abba's music is timeless isn't it! I'm with you on the 80s music. I also love 70s disco which is so fun.
    Hope Andrew and your dad had a great father's day today!
    (Thanks for your encouragement by the way xo)

  3. Anonymous12:16 AM

    i was a little obsessed with the pet shop boys!
    as for ny in october? it really depends. it probably won't be warm but the exact temps vary. every year i would hope it would srill be warmish so i wouldn't have to wear a heavy jeacket over my halloween costume. sometimes i did, and sometimes i didn't.
    it won't be freezing yet...
    but they really should check the temps before they leave and back layers...
    i bet they'll have a great time no matter what!

  4. ha!! the memories ABBA brings back to me...

  5. I loved the 80s English music scene too- my friend and I used to read "No.1" and catch up with the news on Pepsi and Shirley and other forgotten artists. Memories!

  6. Hello,I throught i would drop by and see your blog.Its wonderful.I love the 60's music of England.I think your paper goods you call it,Are beautiful.You are very talented,Marie Antionette

  7. I love all those bands too. Culture Club was my first tape and ABBA, love them!!

  8. Loved Abba then and love them still!

  9. I love 80's music. My Ipod is full of 80's goodies.

  10. Wow another Style Council fan, I saw them in England when I was 17 and I sooo wanted to go to Brissie to see Paul Weller a few weeks ago I'm still sulking lol!
    Kris x

  11. Anonymous5:46 AM

    And I'm sure you watched 'Mamma Mia'? :)

  12. Those outfits crack me up!! I love ABBA too!

  13. Oh yes...I, too, am an 80s girl. We've taken my daughter to see the musical "mama mia" {live performance} 2 times and the movie and she LOVES Abba. We must have listened to their Gold CD 20 times on our recent road trip.

    Cheers! ~Suzanne


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