September 8, 2008

vintage fun....

i cant believe I missed Pip's week of Vintage!?
some fun posts from everyone!
here are some lovely vintage illustrations from my stash of vintage books...
i love school girl annuals, i have a few old ones....the inside sleeve of this one is sweet...

another favourite vintage illustrator/author is
Joan Walsh Anglund
her 'little' people are adorable...they have the sweetest faces!
this page is from 'Childhood is a time of Innocence'

It is big stairs and
small footprints.

and this one is
Baking at Christmas time


  1. Oh I love Joan Walsh Anglund. One of my favourite childhood books was What Color is Love.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I have a secret...
    (she looks around to make sure nobody is listening in..)
    I sit on the floor in front of my children's bookcase and thumb through their books when I need inspiration. They have so many.. and it's not like they are going to read them all... and we all know that books disintegrate if they are not read! Won't they?
    it's seems as if we have the same taste in music. I love ABBA too!

    I am having a giveaway over at my blog.. you are welcome to come over and join in.
    xox Nicole

  3. cute...esp the little girl going up the steps. seems I missed the week of vintage too - So much happens in Blogland in the space of a week!

  4. You have such a talent for finding the most adorable images. I love the beach one and the Christmas baking image. It makes me want to get out my colored pencils and play.

  5. I adore Joan Walsh Anglund! Thanks for posting these images. Luv!

  6. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Aww the last two are super-adorable!

  7. these remind me of my childhood so much :)

  8. I loved Joan Walsh Anglund when I was young....I remember her drawings were always in one of the women's magazines that my mother got...could it have been McCalls?? Not sure...but speaking of that, I remember when that magazine came with the paper doll (and clothes) every month....Betsy McCall !! Kind of the forerunner to how Mary Englebreit includes paper dolls every month in HC.

  9. oh my goodness. i just love these cute illustrations. i especially love the ones from joan.
    cute post, and blog! :)


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