September 14, 2008

This is.... what I would do with a spare 10minutes
great theme this week chosen by HoppoBumpo
its always nice to find a spare 10minutes here and there....i wouldnt sit and craft though as I like to know I have a lot of time in front of me....but i would probably do one of these things...

*make a cup of tea
*flick through a magazine
*play with my boys
*put a load of washing on
*check my emails
*plan what to make for dinner
*read some blogs
*have a relaxing shower
*scrub the kitchen bench
*De-clutter the family room
*write a 'To - Do ' list (love my list writing)

My orchids have bloomed - arent they pretty!!
Thanks HoppoBumpo and also to Sharon for hosting whilst Angela is away enjoying herself.....


  1. Yes, a lot of your list is what I actually do also. The laundry often goes in the machine at night, timed,washes about 4am..and is ready for the line or dryer when I get up.

  2. Your orchids are gorgeous!

    There's lots of great ten minute stuff to do in there. I'm a fan of the list making too :)

  3. Me too! I am a list maker! Love those orchids!

  4. Stunning orchids. You have had great success - are they difficult to grow?
    love the ideas for 10 mins....I always have plenty of opportunity to declutter the living room. Why does everything always end up in there?

  5. Lists are a great thing to do for 10 minutes. I like the saying "for every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned" (frankly that might be overstating the usefulness of lists a little bit though!).

    Regretably I don't like scrubbing the kitchen bench ... as it often takes me more than 10 minutes!

  6. Your orchids are gorgeous and that cup of tea is making me crave one!!!

  7. You forgot to add "Plan you next holiday"...that's always onthe cards for me...dreaming about where I/we could go next. Glad you liked the photo's on my Berlin post...I'll post more of my partner's photo's later and some great links too!

  8. Those orchids are gorgeous - wow! I like your list. Lots of those cross-over with mine too!

  9. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Nothing better than list writing!

  10. I love all your answers,now how come I didn't think of that LOL

  11. Your orchids are beautiful -- and agree with the love of list-writing -- only wish I had the time to complete half of them :)

  12. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Lovely orchids, love reading your list (my tea is normally much stronger than that :))


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