November 11, 2008

A little thrifting
part of my bookbinding
course is learning to repair an old book so what a great excuse to do some thrift shopping...on Friday I met my friend Patty for a quick coffee and afterwards off I went in search of a tattered book but look what else I found?
a 60's clutch purse full of faux pearl necklaces - all mine for just $3.00! beautiful shades of lusture...pretty pretty!

i also found some sweet childrens books - darling illustrations that make me smile! a good thrifting day it was!!

Just wanted to say 'Thank you, thank you...' for all your warm, wonderful comments about my Etsy shop, your encouragement and support is just the BEST!!!!!!


  1. the clutch and the pearls for $3.00...oh my gosh...what a deal! Love the blue pearls...those are awesome!


  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I love the purse with the pearls as well.

  3. What a find. The clutch looks lovely and all those beads. Will you wear them or make something from them. They'd look pretty on a Christmas tree.

  4. i love old childrens books~ so inspiring~ lovely finds:)
    x ashley

  5. Anonymous7:18 PM

    just discovered your blog and i'm adoring the words and images. i'm so envious of these finds. not much good thrifting in thailand where i live...

  6. What an ace find! To discover a cool 60s clutch must be great in itself, but to open it and find it full of treasure must have been so exciting!!!

  7. Love this! lucky you!

    Hollie x

  8. oh you so deserve it,you are the best!love your shop,art and of course your warm and sweet personality!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Hi Anastasia, I received my bird swing tags & they are divine, sooo much nicer in real life. The little xtra tags are so sweet, I tried to leave a comment at etsy, but no luck. Thank you for your friendly & prompt delivery. Very satisfied.

  10. What a gorgeous finds. Books are adorable.

  11. Anonymous11:42 PM

    I am jealous of that pearl stash there....u will be able to make lots of new stuff with that

  12. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Oh my goodness, that purse full of pearls is just gorgeous-great find! Can't wait to see more of your bookbinding loveliness.

  13. Oh just look at those pearls! Lucky you!

    Allison x

  14. Those pearls are beautiful, lucky you!!


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