January 31, 2009

Garden State

How lovely is
the Silence of growing things -

i love that thought.

I think Mario Testino's new images for the
Burberry campagin are gorgeous,
what better than an English greenhouse to showcase the iconic British label?
i love English gardens with their wild flowers, hedges and neat gardens...
foxgloves and forget-me-nots, such pretty names!
reminds me of 'The Secret Garden' one of my favourite childhood books....a garden to escape in would be ideal!
we've had another gorgeous warm day in Sydney.
Saturday mornings at our house are busy with boring house chores but it was great to have all the bedsheets washed and dried (its hot!) by 11am...the house is now dusted, vacuumed and tidy...a happy house!
not sure how long it will last this clean though!
have a wonderful day!

*images from Burberry


  1. Anonymous6:42 PM

    I love this too! It was on my list of things to post!! Happy weekend!

  2. bon style

    on aime !!!!
    bon weekend


  3. OOhh they are lovely images. The Secret Garden is also one of my favourite books.

    Cleaning...that's something I would love to do. How nice that your house is nice and tidy =)

  4. you'd have to put up with buckets of rain though! hehee :)

  5. I dunno, I'm just wishing I was that thin! :)

  6. Oh you've seen the latest edition of Country Style. That saying was on a plaque in the garden. I thought it was lovely too. I always think that one about being nearer to God's heart in a garden. I quote it back when the church elders make comment about me being in the garden on Sundays. I live next door to a church and always seem to be in the garden Sundays. I never know whether to duck out of sight or give a cheery, muddy-handed wave.

  7. Have never been a burberry fan but these images change my perception...love the muted tones and the classic styling...and the setting is just right...

  8. The photos are lovely. Ooooo you just reminded me I need to clean the house tomorrow from top to bottom.

  9. LOL, last time I was in Sydney, I got completely D-R-E-N-C-H-E-D! (years ago)

    But I have spent many a hot sweltering summer in Melbourne waiting for the cool change only to have it come and go too quickly :P

    I feel for you. I always say with cold weather you can always add more layers, get under the covers and add heat but with hot weather, you can only get so naked :P

  10. Anonymous6:41 AM

    I love the Burberry cologne.Love the pics!

  11. Anonymous8:28 PM

    I just love a greenhouse and an english garden too!!!


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