January 8, 2009

Green on The Inside...
im slowly trying to get back into blogging, life's been busy with both boys home from school - we had a bit of drama yesterday after Peter lost his front tooth during a sleepover at his grandparents, silly me then forgot to bring the tooth home so we had to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what happened - lucky she was kind enough to leave him $2 but hey for a 6year old in 2009, seems like $2 is not enough for a tooth exchange...sigh!

just loved the touch of Green and use of green plants in this gorgeous Dutch apartment!
i think id like more green in my home too, i only have one little pot plant in our family room - Ive actually bought it back from the brink of death not once but twice..its thriving now and I do remember to water it!
any tips on indoor plants?

* All images from Australian Home Beautiful
Nov 2006*


  1. what a lovely drama!!(smile)
    Green is always a good color. We have too much green outside to take care of(sigh~~)

    Happy blogging!!

  2. I admire any one else's green thumb. Mine does not exist...OK, it does, but it's certainly not green. LOL. Great pics...love the eclectic mix of industrial metal, wood, and soft white and of course, the green.


  3. Anonymous1:14 AM

    I loveeeee plants.I have a weeping fig its growing slow but doing great.I have a strawberry begonia,its a little slow cause its wintertime once the nice hot weather comes it should flourish.I can never have enough green plants or flowers in my house.

  4. Sadly, I can't offer nay advice with indoor plants ... I've not had much success. But I think I can safely advise the tooth fairy to take out some kind of high-return investment portfio, to keep up with the financial demands of the rest of the teeth!

  5. Oh Lordy yes, that poor tooth fairy. Hope she's not affected by the credit crunch. She'll be dispensing super glu to keep the teeth in place.

  6. Indoor plants really make a space I think. One thing that I've discovered is that it's always worth moving a plant around to a few different spots and seeing which one it likes best. I've had a lot of success with this and now have a number of thriving indoor plants. I don't water them too much either - once to twice a week in the heat of summer and less in winter.

  7. Lol, I was just thinking of getting a flower pot for my bedroom; I thought it would be something spontaneous and pretty to cheer me up - I never really thought about having to take care of it...whoops! x

  8. Beautiful photos, so soft and light. I'm glad to hear the toothfairy was so understanding, she usually is : ) HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.

  9. That is so sweet, and beautiful images, I wish I was better with plants.

    Happy new year, and thanks so much for our beautiful comment on my blog! xx

  10. These are gorgeous pictures! I love how airy the rooms feel and I love the touch of green! I am glad I found your blog...great stuff!

  11. yes i can see why $2 doesn't seem like a fair exchange...but until they bring in a $5 coin...it's the only way to go...
    and after seeing these pics i had to think...you don't see many homes with indoor plants anymore...come to think of it i don't have a single plant inside...and 20 years ago when my husband and i moved in together we had at least 5 indoor plant...

  12. Really beautiful!
    Nice imagination!!!

  13. Anonymous3:24 AM

    Gosh, that place loooks like heaven.

  14. i am convinced that australian magazines are the best! what beautiful images!
    i really don't do much to my indoor plants, just water them, feed them once every month or so and move them if they look like they don't like the spot they are in.

  15. Anonymous4:08 AM

    Green and white is the perfect combination!


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