May 20, 2009

A love of Vintage

Karen Elson has come such a long way since she shaved her eyebrows for Steven Meisel and Italian Vogue but what hasnt changed is her striking red hair, pale long limbs and love of vintage clothing!

ive always loved her unique look and now the mumma of two little ones and wife to Mr White Stripes, Jack White,
is still going strong with her modelling and is also a singer with 'The Citizens Band'

On top of such a busy schedule Karen has opened a vintage store in her new
hometown of Nashville, called
Venus and Mars Vintage

Nashville is miles away from here but the site says a blog and Ebay store opening soon - very exciting!!!
Karen has always expressed her love of vintage clothing and is always snapped wearing some gorgeous dresses from yester-year,
so im sure Venus & Mars has gorgeous things in stock!!

*images from USA Vogue*


  1. Her red hair and pale skin look so gorgeous. I wish I could pull of the vintage look but it just doesn't seem to work on me.

  2. Yes she's tres glamorous!

  3. She's starting a blog?? I am SO there. I'm a fan via Mr. Jackie White, but by now definitely in her own is so uniquely gorgeous and classy. :D

  4. I love what she is wearing in the bottom pic.


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