June 21, 2009

EyeSpy: A Sign

This weeks 'EyeSpy' topic was a little tricky but got me thinking about the little signs that suddenly appear when we need them or others that are always there but life is SO busy we just walk on by... or maybe we choose to ignore them, whats up with that?..
that gut instinct, when something happens we're quick to say 'i knew that would happen' or 'i could see that coming'....we need to trust in ourselves a little more and in our intuition!
i always think if I get sick or rundown with a cold its my body saying 'slow down...take it easy', a cold stormy night is always wonderful when we're indoors but maybe its a sign for us to think of the homeless out there struggling to keep warm and dry....
if we suddenly see a rainbow after a sun shower, its nature telling us to stop and stare at the beauty of it, its free, its there...enjoy it!
Do you remember as a kid watching the clouds and guessing their shape, what fun that was huh?
when do we do that now...hardly ever!
when do we stop to smell the roses - hardly ever!

today I hope you can all take time to 'stop' and 'smell the roses' - there is beauty and happiness and good life all around us - lets observe and enjoy!!
Thanks to August Street for a great theme this week!

Just letting you know some of my cards and gift-tags are on sale over at Leeloo (how exciting!!)
most of my cards are on-offs as I use original vintage images.
Angela the owner of Leeloo is a great supporter of handmade and unique design and has a wonderful selection of items on her site - check it out!!

*images from Marie Claire Australia*


  1. Thanks for the reminder to stop, smell the roses and heed the intuition. I try to be mindful of things like that, but I have to admit -- I needed a reminder this evening. Guess your post was kismet:)

  2. lovely post! Congrats on selling your cards at Leeloo!

  3. Anonymous3:32 PM

    Great post, and oh so true! I wish it didn't take a reminder to remember that!

  4. Good you made us remember!
    and of course I love this outfit for the garden (of course) includding the wellies!


  5. Congratulations on getting your cards on Leeloo!

  6. Congratulations on the cards!

    And thanks for a lovely eye spy... moment. This is the first one I've come across that talked about paying more attention to signs that are trying to tell us things (other than how to cross the road, :)

  7. This is such an important reminder for us to slow down, take some time out, and appreciate the little things in life (and also reflect on how lucky we are).

    Too often life can get us all caught up with rushing about and being busy, and we can forget what's really important...

    Thanks for the reminder...

  8. Wow great post!! That is a great sign to stop and appreciate the good things in life. OOhh how exciting selling at Leeloo!

    Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Thanks for sharing Anastasia - a lovely refreshing blog post to start the day with =)

  10. Great post - a good reminder to start the week with!

  11. Congrats on your new stockist!

  12. I'm always stopping people and demanding they smell the roses. :) Not strangers, hehehe, people I'm walking with. It was part of my vow in a speech I made at my Grandmothers funeral, that I would honour her memory by always stopping to smell the roses. So I do.

    And you're right, it takes a concerted effort to remember to follow and appreciate the small signs in life. But so worth remembering.

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  15. Sorry, those deleted comments were me. My internet connection had a little fit and posted it multiple times.

  16. Beautiful Post! And so true! Its amazing where your intuition can lead you!

  17. Such a beautiful post, absolutely, take time out to enjoy especially for the lovely summer weather we're having in the west...I am in love with the dress in the first pic.

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  19. Anonymous12:03 PM

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  20. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Hey! Thanx for this beautiful place of the Inet!!

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