August 31, 2009

EyeSpy: something Soothing

I havnt had a chance to update my blog in days - i had a very busy week with no days off, an even busier weekend with house chores, lots of washing and ironing, grocery shopping, little kids birthday parties, friends visiting ....and now its Monday again!

This week's EyeSpy theme: something Soothing is just what i is my list of Soothing things

*a cup of sweet milky tea

*cuddles and hugs from my boys - i love when they just sit close and need to be near...its so sweet and I encourage it a lot - hope its always like this!

*comfort food like warm custard, rice pudding or homemade soup ....yum yum!

*cool cotton sheets. A few years back I bought some 1000 thread count sheets on sale - so worth it! They are extremely soothing to lie down on after a long day.....

*Candles - i always used to think candles in the home to be dust collectors but recently I started using them often, lighting them in the evenings or when Im alone - now am completely hooked! Im currently burning
Natasha Burns's handmade soy candles, love her 'Tuberose' fragrance!!

no time for new pictures so here is one I took a while back now.....actually i think i need a cup of tea now!


  1. That photo is lovely and all the comfort foods you mentioned sound soooo good right now!

  2. Ah that sounds relaxing and soothing. Hugs, tea. comfort food, candles and soft sheets. Sounds heavenly to me!

  3. I feel your pain of busy weeks. Our summer holidays are nearly over and the kids will be back at school. Maybe then there will be more time for blogging which is always the first thing to suffer in our busy lives. Hope you have a lovely relaxing day full of cuddles! x

  4. Ahh! very soothing indeed! I know what you mean about Monday coming around so quickly

  5. What a lovely, cosy list... I think I'll put the kettle on!

  6. I'm actually drinking a nice cup of green tea and eating some yummy chocolate chip cookies this very moment...lifes little pleasures:)

  7. wonderful comforts Anastasia! I think i need a cuppa now too! So glad you love the candle, I might go light one of the tuberose ones myself!

  8. I feel relaxed now, must turn off the computer!

  9. So sweet I also love it when my kids want kisses and hugs and sit on top me !!!

  10. ooh you just named four of my favourites too! hugs from my boys, comfort food, clean cotton sheets and tea :)


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