October 27, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 27: EyeSpy....something cuddly

my boys....

here are my cheeky boys...i love cuddling them and showering them with kisses!
they usually squirm away or most times they cuddle me back awww.... i like that!
I took quite a few photos last week...trying to capture a good one for our 2009 Christmas card, do you think they can stand still for a second...? boys will be boys...
click on pic to see a larger view

Cindy has asked me to choose the 'Eye Spy' theme for next week...so my theme
is EyeSpy - Shoes
Whats your current favourite pair or maybe you have your baby shoes stored in a special box...cant wait to see!


  1. I don't know, I think you've got heaps to pick from for you Christmas card (which you've just reminded me I should be doing the same...!). They look like they really love each other in these pics!! Very cute (or is the word for older boys 'handsome'?!) he he

  2. I love that the photos show the boys in action... they're so much fun. Any of these photos would be lovely for a Christmas card

  3. Oh your boys are gorgeous, they look so happy!!

  4. aww, such a grown up pair. You've got some great shots!

  5. aren't they gorgeous! Growing up so quickly! My two are as well! I can't believe Drew is going to school next year! He is already starting to get embarassed by me! I do hope for lots more hugs yet though!

  6. You have some lovely shots of your boys. Great idea for a Christmas card.

  7. That's adorable! The photos done in that mosaic should be your Christmas card!

  8. Aw what gorgeous boys! Great photography too :)


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