November 15, 2009

Ive got a sick computer again - its currently getting repaired and looks like it will be out of action for a week!! will I survive??
its a little scary in how much I rely on my computer, Ive missed blogging and the online social interaction - is it healthy addiction?
i dont know ....but i sure know it feels like something is missing!

i did get a lot done though haha
I worked on a papergoods order, I did a stack of ironing, baked a yummy apple cake with the boys and we had family around for a BBQ last night!

Im currently loving the sprinkle of purple around the neighbourhood - beautiful Jacaranda trees everywhere!
here is a picture I took when out walking last week....
and above a snappy little suit by John Galliano for Christian Dior - a lilac beauty!


  1. The first year I lived in California Jacaranda's in bloom where a revelation - so so gorgeous!!

  2. Hope your computer problems get sorted out soon. I love Jacaranda trees.

  3. i love it when the jacaranda trees bloom this time of the pretty and romantic:)

  4. Hope your computer is in tip top shape real soon. Love those Jacarandas-they are everywhere around the streets near my school.

  5. The Jacaranda trees are so gorgeous with their purple flowers. They like it so much here in Brissy that we have a 'Jacaranda' building.

    We do rely on the internet a lot and I too hate being away from it.

  6. I likey! The tree and the suit. I hope your computer behaves better for you xx

  7. Jacarandas make me happy.

  8. Hi!
    I stumbled over your blog today, while searching the net for nice shoes. :-)
    Love it (and your drawings!)
    Norwegian, but French and American in my heart (lived in those two countries, one of my children is born in Paris, and one in Seattle.)
    I recently posted pictures from Paris, by the way, and there will soon be more. Noticed you were a Francophile too.
    Take care,


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