November 11, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday: Garden Girl

My awesome father in law is our gardener - I tell him there is no need but every now and then he comes over and tends to our garden, trimming and weeding, replanting and making sure everything looks good - and it always does!!
he even potted Peter's bean sprout, a school project that grew and grew and even produced two fresh beans!

i wish i had a green thumb, sadly I have no idea and have killed many plants in my time....
but I do love these Garden themed items!

English Garden flat notecard Set by Darlingdillydilly
so sweet!

and I recently won this FAB pin
from Marang97 in a fun giveaway, i love it!!!
she has another one in her shop
Ecofriendly Blue carnation pin - made from recycled fabric

my last pick this week is
'In the Garden' 2010 Calendar from LittleMo and Friends
Adorable illustrations and all items in the shop are printed on recycled paper!
Little Mo always loves to ponder in the garden

*top image of Lily Donaldson via Flickr*


  1. I wish I could say that I had a green thumb too... I'm in your same boat. I love to admire gardens though. I think people that can keep plants alive are truly talented. BTW, the necklace in your 1st photo is ridiculously AWESOME!!! Where is it from?

  2. thanks Fern - its lovely isnt it? not sure where its from as the image is from Flickr.

  3. hehe you can still be surrounded by greenery stuff/art despite not having green thumbs! Love your picks!

    Thanks for including my 2010 calendar, you're a sweetheart! xxx

  4. I love that there are others out there without the green thumb... I had all but given up on my Christmas cactus. I even just stopped paying attention to it and stuck it in a corner... today I look at it and it's full of blossoms and buds...

    My neglect has a greener thumb than I do...

  5. what a lovely father in law-love the garden eye candy

  6. Tres charmant!

  7. I'm not much of green thumb. My dad is though and we have a lovely garden at home.

    I really love that notecard set. It's very sweet. And that pin you won is so pretty!

    PS. I left something for you on my blog =)

  8. So cute! I love being out in the garden... If only I looked so fabulous while doing it!

  9. I totally LOVE that first pic!!!!!!

  10. Good to see you are doing well! Enjoy your warm days as we brace for winter :)
    The shop with your tags looks wonderful!

  11. you are so lucky your father in law helps with the garden! i have to say that i don't know that much about gardening, but there are very few things more satisfying than seeing something that you planted grow.
    love the images you chose here, as always.

  12. That calender is gorgeous!

  13. I am really enjoying the garden at the moment. I am a little worried about the coming scorcher though. The washing machine is my only water source, that is the grey water is. We don't have a tank - asbestos roof, yadda, yadda - so I diligently lift watering cans of grey water from the laundry to the garden every night. I hope its enough.


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