November 22, 2009

My Place and yours.... A Collection

I think most of you have read about my vintage swap card collection
before but I also collect vintage childrens books, vintage paper ephemera that isnt too precious and that I can use in my craft.
i also collect little crafty tidbits (pleasing scrap of anything...) buttons, charms, ribbon, notions, beads, embellishments...anything cute that catches the eye...
this afternoon I sat opposite the airconditioner (it reached 41 degrees in Sydney blah!!!) and
embellished some sweet party dresses!

Kate chose this weeks theme and she wanted to know if we have any rules for our collections - no strict rules for mine - if I see something that makes me smile, is reasonable in price then Im buying it!!
Thanks to Pip for hosting 'My place and Yours' anyone can join in - go on, its fun!


  1. Anonymous1:10 AM

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  2. Those little dresses are so sweet!

  3. Cute dresses! A lovely way to spend a hot afternoon.

  4. handmaiden11:24 AM

    love those party sweet on pastels

  5. I love reading your blog Anastasia, always beautiful, just like your name:)

  6. Love the sweet paper dresses. You have a fantastic collection of buttons and other crafty bits. The box of your crafty things is a cute pic too.

  7. these are so sweet! I love the color combinations...and the ribbons & buttons too!

  8. Enjoyed the peek into your little box of goodies...and the dresses are adorable. ; )

  9. Of course you DO have lovely papery collections, because you are lovely (but not papery)! The dresses are so sweet, I agree, and swap cards are really an ace collection, aren't they! Thank you for playing along and happy day to you! x

  10. cute party dresses and lovely blog! great pics!

  11. I love the little dress tags! so gorgeous!

  12. The dresses are lovely. So are all those gorgeous crafty bits and pieces.


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