December 9, 2009

Giveaway winner + a book signing

yayyy! we have a winner....Congratulations to Steph of Bondville
for being chosen from all my followers!!
Thanks Steph and I will be in touch soon!
i hope to have giveaways often so stay tuned my lovelies!

Last night I went to
The Sartorialist's Sydney book signing event - i adore his blog which ive followed since his early days and since I had the book at home i just had to go ....

i love fashion but dont consider myself a fashionista
so i felt a little intimdated but im so glad I went along!
Everyone really made the effort and so many FAB looks...the ques were long and i think it was the longest book signing ever!

i was there for over 2hrs but it was so worth it - Scott was charming, friendly and he looked great in his tailored navy suit, crisp white shirt, preppy reading glasses and sleek leather brogues (no socks)

it was a night to remember and everyone left smiling!


  1. I was there last night too. I also waited for about 2 hours (maybe I was right behind you) and when I finally met Scott I got all nervous and gushy. I was impressed that he seemed to make a genuine effort to say hello to everyone.

  2. Anonymous5:57 PM

    The book looks great I'll have to keep an eye out for it. I've been wanting to meet Peter Alexander but I'd be so nervous all my words would get jumbled.

  3. I'm glad it all went well and that he was a lovely guy. That always makes things better.

    The books looks great and I think I have to check it out.

  4. What a lovely scribble! 2 hours to wait though.. wow. I wonder how many people ventured out to meet him?

  5. What a lovely blog:)
    I'm following you, darling

  6. Wow! So excited to win this month. Thank you! And looks like you had a fantastic time at the book signing. How fun :)

  7. Anonymous8:16 PM

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  8. Anonymous12:17 PM

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  9. Hi Anastassia,
    Love your blog - such a fun mix of different info - I found you on flickr after you tagged one of my pics as a favorite - so nice to meet you

  10. oops sorry for the mistake on my name - you can find me here on my blog as well

  11. Love that blog and love that book!!

  12. How fabulous. I' a bit behind the times, I didn't even realise he'd published a book.

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