December 30, 2009

Just a Minute in December....

Reading - Magazines, people's twitter updates, blogs, looking for a new book to read
Drinking - Tea (all year round), Cappucino before work or a Greek coffee when Im home - i think i need to drink more water too

Listening - to George Michael CDs. Im going to his concert in 8wks so need to reaquaint myself with the lyrics so i can sing loud, really loud!
Wanting - more time in the day!
Watching - 'The September Issue' documentary (awesome!), 'Peter Pefect' on cable TV haha - silly fun but who doesnt love a makeover show?, oh and i need to buy Mad Men Season 3 DVD set,

Loving - vintage wallpaper...this post over at 100layercake is SO inspiring as are these images!!
*Top image by
Daniela Mac Adden
Bottom image
by Tim Walker*


  1. Is Season III of Mad Men out? Woot. And The September Issue? Double Woot.

  2. I too adore vintage wallpaper! x

  3. I am a big fan of vintage wallpaper too! thankyou for sharing

  4. Have fun at the George Michael concert..he was my first crush back in the day:)

  5. Kate - Season3 of "madmen'is available at Amazon - not sure about Australian outlets yet, maybe Ebay might have some?

    glad to see some other vintage wallpaper fans!

  6. Thanks for the wallpaper wedding link, how pretty is it?!!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow xxx

  7. She is really very cute and attractive. I have been passed simple comment for And getting ready to go for outside at shop I hope!

    r4 kort


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