December 27, 2009

lazy days and nights...

im loving these lazy leisurely days after the pre- Christmas rush and then the busy festive day itself which was spent catching up with family and eating nonstop (shortbread & rum truffles - yum!!)
it can all get too much non?

Andrew and I are both off work until Tuesday and enjoying time with our boys at home, relaxing ...its so great not having to think about anything stressful, well there's what to cook for dinner (tonight was sticky chicken, mash, corn and a garden salad - good!!) but even that is enjoyable when you can take your time.
we've been watching re-runs on TV, reading magazines, playing UNO with the boys, laughing...enjoying each other's company - its all good!!

hope your days are great too!!

*above image - current inspirations from my flickr favs - to see details click HERE*


  1. Sounds positively lovely... I am thoroughly enjoying having some time off as well.

    Time will fly, so trying to savour every moment. Hope you have a lovely break and begin the new year refreshed and full of cheer.



  2. Oooh, rest up. I am back at work today. No rest for the wicked. But! I have New Year's Day off, so unusual. Journalists usually work public holidays, so it's a treat.
    I love that backless black gown in your Flickr faves.

  3. ohh very sweet memories and good photos for all. I am attracted to those creepy days after wedding. Thanks for sharing,..

    dsi r4

  4. Lazy days and nights are good for the soul! Glad you enjoyed your Christmas have a great week

  5. And now, get ready for new year's eve!


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