December 17, 2009

a Summery Christmas....

9 days until Christmas!
hasnt it come around real fast this boys are starting to really get excited and my threats of Santa not coming if they arent nice is starting to get a little
Christmas in Australia is such a lighthearted event, mostly you'll find people outdoors in their gardens having a big BBQ (this is us every year)
or by the pool, beach or even a picnic gathering...its all very relaxed and always a wonderful day...

i love these casual table settings, pretty summery flowers teamed with simple recycled bottles, subtle colours in fresh blue linens and lovely details and texture added to make it special!!

*Top two images from Country Style magazine and bottom image from Goodhousekeeping


  1. I can really relate to this, growing up in Florida and now living in California where we don't have snow!

  2. These are really lovely! I especially like the last image; is it a runner made of stitched together doilies? What a FANTASTIC idea, and one I can't wait to try!

    Happy warm December!


  3. Your whole Christmas summery is really very beautiful and I like all your creations here. Now waiting for Xmas for using it at home decoration....


  4. I love Christmas in Australia. I hope we have a BBQ this year. Or maybe Jason and I can host one next year ;) Those decorations are beautiful and I will have to use them for next year. x


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