December 6, 2009

They say you should never Judge a book by its cover....but sometimes you cant help it

Books are always a lovely gift idea - i love buying and receiving (to my family members reading this - hint hint)
For those little gardeners 'Sow and Grow' by Tina Davis

For the meat lover

for anyone with a sweet tooth (that applies to most)

Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey: Desserts for the Serious Sweet Tooth by Jill O'Connor

For Children and Adults everywhere...

'This is....' book series by Miroslav Sasek are a joy! We have a few vintage ones found on Ebay and Ive also bought some of the reprinted books - they are so fun and the illustrations wonderful!

for the sewer/crafter

Sew Sunny Homestyle by Tone Finnanger Although im not very good at sewing - i love this book!! im determined to try some of the sewing projects - the book also have gorgeous pictures - love Tone's look and style and there's over 50 beautiful things to make!

So whilst ive show Amazon links here - try to source books locally, i know its not always cheaper (maybe wait for sale time?!) but support local to keep communities alive and happy!


  1. I love to give books, especially ones that the recipient has had their eyes on. Love the look of the Desserts book!

  2. Books are the best! I wish I had more people who liked to receive them. The Jill O'Connor one looks amazing! And the sewing one. I definitely like receiving books.

  3. It's very interested....all the post...

  4. Next time, again..I'll come to visit...


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