January 31, 2010

Just a minute in January

- Just finished 'My family and Other Animals' by Gerald Durell (Pip's book club) - thoroughly enjoyed it...i wanted it to keep going!!
Im also reading 'How to raise boys' by Steve Biddulph
Drinking - Water....i need to send myself reminders, im so bad at drinking water. I also had my first taste of 'V' Energy drink a couple of weeks ago ...no gush of energy though.
Eating - Fresh figs from my parents garden and I currently have slow cooked Lamb with Potatoes and Peas in the oven (dinner).
I also made Chocolate & Almond Toffee bars today
Making - Dress tags for an order, Birdy Napkin holders for my shop and trying to catch up on my illustration challenges.
I also want to start crocheting granny squares for a winter throw - not enough time in the day!
Watching - 'The City' on MTV (is it really a reality show?? its way too staged/perfect) , The Australian Open...January is all about Tennis!
Loving - currently loving this slip dress and ive been loving this silkscreen print for a while now...


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

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  2. Drinking water, ace tip, i force myself to take drink bottles in the car on school runs, then bolt in the door to the bathroom!! I try to knock over 2/3 of what i should drink by midday, then it's easier. Love Posie

  3. Years ago I went from having to force myself to drink water to practically drowning myself in it, which had the negative effect of me getting dehydrated way too easily. LOL. A happy medium can be so hard to find. :)

  4. water is something i used to be really good with... but i have to admit im not so great now!

    i know that raising boys book, i saw it recently in a bookstore when i was having a look for nurtureshock... but where i am its not out yet :( lol!!! my luck!

    have a lovely day x

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Watching the Aus Open is definitely a January must see. Poor Bagdatis went out early with injury.

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