January 8, 2010

Putting it out there....
so i dont really have a New Year resolution but what we do have is a plan, a goal...a dream...
and thats to find a new house to call home -
im hoping this is the year!
so this is me putting it out there and hoping something spectacular comes along!
Wish us luck!
*images from Australian House & Garden - beautiful fresh and unfussy rooms - lovely!!*


  1. I'll take that one, please. :) This will sound weird, but I think sometimes you find the best houses when you're not looking - kind of like love! Good luck to you.

  2. Best of luck finding a new house...hope that perfect one pops up just at the right time. It's exciting to think of a new place to turn into your own home....

  3. Wow, must be the season for it as fresh & unfussy is definitely how i'd desribe our main living area which is kitchen, dining, lounge & family thoroughfare for 6. So much easier to clean. I went a bit nuts cleaning last night, including the pantry, woke up to a beautiful clean home, happy children & spotless home, ahhhhh. Love Posie

  4. Cool, happy hunting. Do you think you might look up here while you're on your break?

  5. Good luck in your hunt; we've found our dream house (a log house on 8 acres in the woods) and are hoping to get closed on the deal and moved in within the month.

    Love your blog, I've had you on my blogroll for awhile. I'd love it if you'd stop by and see me at: http://confessionsofasineater.blogspot.com/


  6. I hope you find a new home! That would be amazing and I'm sure it will be the best one for you and the family.

    The photos are very inspiring and make me want to start decorating my little townhouse :)

  7. thanks everyone - we've been quietly looking the past year but needed to make some firm decisions about location and what we want!! hoping this is the year that something does come along...i need to keep reminding myself to be patient ...good things come to those who wait!

  8. Good luck on the house hunt! How fun will that be! :D

  9. Wishing all the best for you and your new home. We will also be moving so we can dream and wish and plan and decorate in our mind together until we are settled again!

  10. Oh, I'm with you on that one :)

    Good Luck!!!! My fingers are crossed for you.

  11. hope you find the most perfect one!!! Hope you had a great New Year and a very Happy Birthday too!!! Love these pics!!! shae xo

  12. Wishing you and your family a fantastic new year and dreams come true, hope you'll find the perfect home (...knowing you, it'd be stylish too!)


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