February 1, 2010

Alfresco Dining...

i love eating outdoors...its perfect in Summer but enjoyable any time of the year.

Im home alone today as both my boys are now at school
but I plan to set our outdoor table which is located in a tiny corner of our garden under a shady tree,
just for one
and enjoy my lunch outdoors.

Enjoy your day too!!!

images: Top - Country Living (USA)
Middle - Home Beautiful (Australia)
Bottom- House Beautiful (USA)


  1. Wish I had somewhere pretty like this in my garden for outdoor eating!

  2. So peaceful....and wonderful to dine outdoors.

  3. That sounds like a lovely idea. I often take the laptop and sit in the garden to work:)

  4. Anonymous8:03 PM

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  5. I wish it were warm enough where I am to do that!

  6. Hi A, these are gorgeous! I was just thinking about you for some reason - I'll be in Sydney in a couple of weeks for the trade fair, if you are around? x

  7. Love the photos. I love eating outdoors and live where it's sunny, but also hot and humid and sticky and buggy...you look like you have it made! Bon Appetit.


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