April 28, 2010

Cold Snap!

its seems ive had a bit of a blogging break...it wasnt intentional but the long weekend had us out & about and then a sudden cold snap hit Sydney
(Autumn is finally here!!)
so that bought us back indoors
- all Ive been doing is cooking, crocheting and reading novels....
im loving this cooler weather actually
im looking forward to getting out the woollens, opaque tights and leather boots...not long now
another thing i love when its cold outside is hearty soup to warm the insides...yum yum!

i made some french onion soup as my inlaws gave us a large bag of onions (next, I'll make onion tart)
and used this Donna Hay recipe - delicious!!
i crumbled some sharp cheese in mine for extra bite!
*images Con Poulos for Donna Hay magazine*


  1. can you please come over and cook that for me too. thanks. ;)



  2. French onion soup is my absolute favourite, especially with cheesy croutons. Perfect Autumn comfort food. Yum!

  3. I was planning on using a Donna Hay recipe to make onion soup on Sunday. Soup Sunday it's come to be known as.

  4. this looks just delicious! I love this time of the year and the turning of the seasons ... yum!

    Sandra Darling xoxo

  5. Anonymous3:40 PM

    French onion soup is very yummy! It seems you've had a busy weekend!

  6. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Opposite seasons coming up for us!
    But french onion soup is so good that even with the days slowly turning into summer I still want to try that recipe

  7. We had the last sunny day yesterday here in Adelaide before the rain hits us bad!!
    Its freezing cold today. I think I'll try your suggestion for an onion soup.

  8. Anonymous2:44 AM

    i'm a cool weather person too. i don't look forward to summer coming at all. lovely blog.


  9. It's funny how cold it seems to be everywhere. It's not that bad here. I still wear singlets during the day (though with leggings or trackies).

    I like opaque tights and boots for winter. One of the things I like about winter.

    I must try that soup!

  10. I can't wait for winter to start here in Perth. But today it was almost 29c so not even close:(

  11. boots, tights and woollens, what's not to love?

  12. It's coming into summer here, but since it never is boots, tights, woolens weather anyway, soup is a year round food for us. :p And with our brand new pressure cooker, along with repossession of the best Indian cookbook ever (my sister stole it off me for a couple of years), we are dreaming of dhals and curries and other soup-y things that we can whip up. Dang, I'm making myself hungry! lol


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